Amplifying Youth Voices through New Media Technologies

Amplifying Youth Voices through New Media Technologies

In the past decade, starting around 2006, a lot of Social Media sites started breaking into the mainstream. Blogs, Facebook, photo-sharing, and video-sharing sites started attracting hundreds of thousands and millions of users around the world.

As expected, young people led the way in adapting and finding various uses of these technologies. Some built blogs that earned the money, some started building their online following, and observers around the world were fascinated with the immense possibilities that these new media technologies represented.

Before long, these technologies were used for writing and airing personal opinions, on religion, politics, business, and other less controversial topics.

Looking back from 2018, these technologies definitely provided a venue for young people’s voices to be heard.

The Filipino Methodist is Back as a Magazine

The Filipino Methodist is Back as a Magazine

Long time ago, The United Methodist Church in the Philippines had a monthly publication called The Filipino Methodist. It was a newsletter printed on newsprint and sent to subscribers by mail. It folded in 2010 after being in existence since 1969.

In the age before the Internet, the Filipino Methodist newsletter was the main way for Filipino Methodists to read about ministry news and features from all over the Philippines. Because of the increasing costs of printing and sustainability issues, it had to shut down.

But now, 7 years after it folded, the Filipino Methodist is back as a magazine. Kudos to Tita Phebe G. Crismo, publisher, Kuya Fort Nicolas, editor, and their team for working hard to bring this publication back.

Support My 800-km Bike Ride for #80Days80K

Support My 800-km Bike Ride for #80Days80K

As United Methodist, I am looking forward to the Global Young People’s Convocation (GYPC), which will be held on July 18-22, 2018 at the Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This is the largest, most extensive gathering of United Methodist youth and young adult leaders from all over the world. We are expecting between 300-400 delegates. Here’s the purpose of the GYPC from the Young People’s Ministries website.

Celebrating the mission and vitality of young people in the United Methodist Church
Raising the joys and concerns of young people from the global community
Developing young people as leaders for effective ministry in local churches and communities of faith
Highlighting emerging trends in youth and young adult ministry
Providing a common forum that embraces the global reality of the church.

#80Days80K Fundraising Campaign

To ensure that all the regions of the church are represented, we are raising funds for GYPC scholarships. I am participating in the #80Days80K fundraising campaign. The goal is to raise $80,000 within 80 days! I know it’s challenging, but with the support of United Methodists around the world, we can do this.

Here’s what I am doing to help support this campaign:

I will ride my bike for 800 kilometers. I am hoping to raise $1,600 (PhP 80,000). This means that each kilometer is worth $2 or PhP 100 (Philippine Pesos).