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Mighty RasingIt’s never easy to look for the right speaker. For a youth event, a training for leaders, a retreat, or a workshop to be successful, you need an effective and inspiring presentation. I should know. As the former National President of a faith-based youth organization, I’ve organized camps, retreats, leadership trainings, and workshops. I still do that. Most of the time, though, I serve as resource person, speaker, or trainer in various activities for youth, students, and leaders.

Thanks for stopping by and considering me for your next event. I’m honored. I hope that this page will help you get the information you need to make the best decision possible.

An Overview of this Page

What You Can Expect
A Little Bit About Me
My Speaking Topics
My Upcoming Engagements
Some of the Previous Events I’ve Spoken at
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What you can expect from me and my team.

1. I will respond promptly to your emails, phone calls, or text messages.

2. I will conduct a phone consultation with you before your event so we can set expectations based on your needs and your audiences.

3. I will announce your event on my blog and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube). That would help add online visibility to your event.

4. I will also set up a resource page for your event’s attendees. What will the page have? The slides I used in the presentation, videos (if any), links to books, articles and additional resources that will be helpful to them.

5. I will also communicate with you after the event to make sure that we have met the expectations we set. Of course, I would also love to hear your thoughts on how I can improve.

A Little Bit About Me

I served as the National President of a faith-based organization from 2006 – 2008. I organized camps and trainings for young people. Not only that, my team and I pioneered several ministries for Filipino young people.

In 2009, I became the Philippine Staff of the Nashville-based Young People’s Ministries, the youth agency of the United Methodist Church. In that capacity, I work with young people and workers with young people within the United Methodist Church and ecumenical groups. I also work with secular organizations that seek to empower young people and help them fulfil their God-given potentials.

My blog is the only blog in the Philippines that exclusively cover leadership and social transformation. Not only that, most of the topics I cover are meant for budding young leaders. I’m also immersed in youth culture, and highly informed of the social trends and issues that affect their lives and well-being. In addition to that, I’m also a Web Strategist, providing web, blogging, and social media consulting services to NGOs and Christian development organizations.

I’m happily married to my wife, Charina, for two years. We’re expecting our first child (I’m an excited soon-to-be-daddy!) and we’re staying in Quezon City on weekdays and in Angat, Bulacan on weekends.

My spiritual life is important to me. But I also understand that expressing it may not be right for every context. I’m happy to highlight or tone it down, depending on your needs.

You can read my full bio at

My Speaking Topics

I speak mainly about Youth Ministry, Leadership, Productivity and Social Media. I will customize my presentation based on the needs of your organization. My goal is to help you achieve the outcomes you want to create.

Here are the topics I frequently speak on.

Youth & Student Leadership.

Now is the best time to be a student leader. Some barriers may be preventing you from becoming one. But take courage. Step up to the microphone. In this presentation, I help young people realize their potentials or leadership. I encourage them to let their voices heard. And do something that will help change their school, their community and the world!

Youth Ministry.

Young people face many problems, issues and challenges these days. As churches and civic organizations, we have a duty to help young people navigate through these challenges. In this presentation, I share the basics of youth culture, some demographic information on Filipino youth, and principles on how to engage young people.

Blogging & Social Media for Advocacy and Ministry.

Blogging has evolved from online diaries to become online magazines dealing with different topics. What’s lacking in the Philippines, though, is a cadre of people who blog for advocacy and ministry. Through this presentation, I share the steps in creating a blog that can promote an advocacy and do online ministry.

Social Media for Leaders.

Let’s admit it, all these changes in information and communication technologies can sometimes leave us dumbfounded. We may even try to chase after every new technology that comes along. For busy people like you and me, is there still time for some social media and networking? In this presentation, I help young leaders understand Social Media and how it impacts their lives and their leadership growth.

Career StartUP.

The period after college graduation is both an exciting and a scary time! With so many options staring new young professionals in the face, it can be difficult to make the right decisions. The Career StartUP presentation points young people to the next steps they want to take. Its goal is to help them discover their calling, which is the intersection between their passions, the needs of the world they want to engage, what the world will pay for, and the skills they possess.

My Upcoming Engagements

Some of the Previous Events I’ve Spoken at

The Word, the Web, and the Youth: Making God’s Word Relevant to 21st-Century Filipino Youth

National Bible Forum Philippine Bible Society, UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila
November 2007

United Methodist Youth Ministry in the Philippines

Youth 2011 Event
Sacramento, California, United States
July 28, 2011

Social Media for Social Good

World Vision’s 12 Hour Famine
Sky Dome, SM North EDSA, Quezon City
September 29, 2012

Social Media and Fund-Raising

Fund Raising Institute
Christian Stewardship Association and Asian Theological Seminary Center for Biblical Stewardship
ATS Campus, Scout Madriñan, Quezon City
October 27, 2012

100: A Call for DiscipleSHIFT

ReviveUMC Event (attended by more than 9,000 United Methodists from all over the country)
PhilSports Arena (ULTRA), Pasig City
November 30, 2012

Sirena: Emerging Gay Culture in Philippine Media & Society

Theological Forum, Asian Theological Seminary
Union Church of Manila, Makati City
February 7-8, 2013

Children and Social Media

Children’s Camp, organized by World Vision Philippines
Island Cove, Cavite City
May 21, 2013

The Next Step

Once again, I’d like to thank you for considering me to speak at your event. You can take the next step by contacting me. I will respond to you personally within 24 hours.

Email: mightyrasing (at) gmail (dot) com
Mobile phone: +63.917.816.3127

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