I love the rain. The way the raindrops march on the roof. Or the way they splatter on pavement. I love the rain and the music it makes. IF I am safe and sound in the comforts of my home. If I am outside, especially in Makati or Ortigas, or anywhere in Manila, then I just allow myself to hate it with a passion.

Hate it or love it. We, yuppies, cannot avoid the rain. We might as well make sure that we have what we need to beat the rainy season.

Here are eleven things you must absolutely have during this rainy season.

1. Umbrella.

The best time to buy an umbrella is during the summer, right by the time that malls have their Summer Season Sale. But if you failed to buy one, the next best time is right now! Make sure to buy a big one. I used to have one I call the barkada payong because it can shelter up to 3 people from light rain.

But for traffic-inducing, flood-causing, Ondoy-level rain, your ordinary umbrella (especially the folding ones that literally surrenders to the wind) just won’t do. You’ll probably need any of the umbrella’s below.

The full-body umbrella. (img credit: WeirdAsiaNews.com)


The Voltes V umbrella. (img credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8434252@N06/2694913457/)


The RainCoat with built-in umbrella (img credit: http://www.ecouterre.com/studio-nls-umbrella-coat-offers-a-hands-free-solution-for-rainy-days/umbrella-coat-3/)


But you’ll also need to bring a big bag to carry these, though. So the traditional umbrella is just fine.

2. Vitamin C.

Before you sneeze and sniff or get down with fever, take vitamin C. One 500mg in the morning and another 500mg in the evening. I’m not your doctor or anything but as one commercial says: “Bawal magkasakit!” Your Vitamin C doesn’t have to be the expensive type. You can always ask for Generics or you can overdose with calamansi or lemons.

3. Rain Boots.

Boating is a nice vacation activity at Burnham Park in Baguio City or at the rafting waters of Cagayan de Oro. But never in the streets of Metro Manila. So if you don’t want your shoes and feet to get wet, you might as well get a pair of rain boots. But if the flood is knee-high or thigh-high, then your rain boots are worthless. You’ll still need your trusty flip flops, otherwise known as tsinelas.


Boating ba kamo?img credit: Juice.ph

4. Tsinelas.

You can call them flip-flops if they cost P300 or more. But still, the trusty tsinelas can easily navigate through the floods of Metro Manila. Just be sure there are no rat piss waiting to enter your body somewhere in the flood waters. Please, somebody invent the rat piss detector so we could all avoid that dreaded Leptospirosis. I’ll buy one, promise.

5. Extra Shirt & Pants (and maybe undies, too).

If you ride the MRT-3 daily, then you better make sure that you have extra shirts, pants and undies, too! Because just by lining up a kilometer away from the station, you will surely get wet if it rains.

6. Waterproof Bag.

Even if you had an extra change of clothes, they will also get wet if you don’t have a waterproof bag. You can buy one of those expensive bags. Or, you could just wrap them in plastic and you’re good to go. If you’re biker, then you can’t do away with this one.

7. Powerbank.

With the crazy battery life of most smartphones, you really should have your powerbank with you, fully charged. At least you can check Facebook, Twitter, or Project Noah for any updates on the flood situation. You will also need to inform anyone you’re meeting with that you will be late. Or that you will be late in going home because of the horrendous traffic.

8. A book.

Okay, this may not work, especially if you’re stranded in a bus stop where you still get wet. But if you have a smartphone, this could still work. So, to avoid boredom, bring a book with you and go somewhere dry and nice while waiting for the rain to stop and for the many stranded people to disperse, unless, of course, you want to join the stranded crowd desperate for a ride.


Stranded… img credit: NewPhilRevolution

9. Some snacks.

If you’ll get stranded while waiting for the rain to stop, or for a bus to arrive, or to board a train, you will go hungry before arriving at the office, or going home. You might as well pack some crackers and food to keep the hunger pangs away.

10. Water bottle.

If you have some snacks, you better not get choked. So bring a water bottle with you. It will be handy for those times that you’re stranded and you’re oh-so-thirsty.

11. Lots of patience.

Since it’s the rainy season. And this is Sparta, Manila, you need lots of patience and lots of grit. Without this, you just might go berserk at the train or at the bus stop over all the craziness of our public transportation system.

And lastly, make sure you have the latest episode of the Happy Yuppie Podcast.

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What else can you add to our list?