E-Addiction, Studies and Being Ragna cum Laude

Do you find yourself being online the whole day and the whole night? You may start by researching something at Wikipedia. Afterwards, you’re chatting with your friends, checking out the Friendster and Multiply accounts of your friends and the friends of your friends.

Do you just love video games? After classes, you may troop to the nearest Internet Cafe with your friends and play DOTA, RAN, Cabal or the latest online game craze. Continue reading

Is the Church Still Relevant to Filipino Youth?

Let’s hit on a rather unorthodox and uncomfortable topic. Do you think the church is still relevant to the lives of young people in this generation? I admit there are times that I would rather connect to the internet than go to church.I would rather read a novel or an inspirational nonfiction than listen to a looong sermon that does not speak to me. Yeah, I know I’m guilty of sometimes wanting to establish a Bedside church. You know, you just worship on the side of your bed. Continue reading