Train Young People to Become Entrepreneurs

How many Filipino young people today are unemployed?

What are we doing to help them? Are our ministries receptive to their needs?

Here’s one fact we need to realize:

The youth ministry of the UMC in the Philippines through the UMYFP caters to students. 

Why do I say that?

Just take a look at the attendance of Christmas Institutes, Fellowships, Sunday Schools, and yeah Student receptions. I believe it’s safe to say that 90% of active UMYFP members are youth who are attending schools, or those who have already graduated from college. Good for them. They are able to develop their social and leadership skills, and meet a lot of young people in the process.

I, myself, am a product of the leadership development of UMYFP. I owe a great deal to this youth ministry.
And yet…

The UMYFP, and the UMC in the Philippines, in general, is not very responsive to the needs of Out-of-School-Young people.

Right before my term as National UMYFP President ended in 2008, I had a meeting with one of upcoming youth leaders. I conceptualize a way for the UMYFP to be a little bit more responsive to OSY’s. I drafted a program, we requested grant money for it, and then I handed it off to the next batch of leaders.

Fast forward to today, the OSY program isn’t implemented yet. Several consultations were done. A potential community was identified. But sadly, due to several reasons, the project was not implemented.

Here are some thoughts on why the program wasn’t implemented: Continue reading

DiscipleSHIFT Presentation Notes

If you’ve attended my session on DiscipleSHIFT at any Revive Conference, here’s my Powerpoint Presentation. The videos are also included in the presentation.

Please take note, though, that this presentation doesn’t make sense by itself. So you need to listen to me as I deliver it. If we can record a video of my presentation, I’ll upload it here at a later time.