#004 – How to Guard Your Heart

Another week has gone by and here’s another episode of the GenY Chronicles podcast. In this episode, kahit medyo sinisipon, I talk about some ways for us, young people, to guard our hearts.

Eto yung ilan sa mga highlights sa podcast:

* Ito ang mga consequences kung hindi mo iingatan ang heart mo:
– Pain & Frustration
– Pregnancy na wala sa oras
– Poverty
– Price to pay.

* Here’s how to guard your heart:
– Parents, be accountable to them.
– Plans and dreams, know your priorities.
– Prize to win.


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Transcript of Generation Y Chronicles Episode No. 4

Mapupusok daw ang mga kabataan ngayon. Madaling mainlove, madali ring masaktan. Bilang kabataan, how can you take care of your heart?

Good evening mga katropa. Wazzup wazzup? Nagkasama-sama na naman tayong muli. Naimbag a rabii, kakabsat ken gagayyem.

Welcome sa isa na namang episode ng Generation Y Chronicles. Ito si kuya Mighty at magkakasama na naman tayo sa susunod na 30 minutes at magkukwentuhan tayo tungkol sa buhay kabataan dito sa Generation Y Chronicles. Continue reading

and the writing continues…

I’m working on the edits and revisions of Chapter 5 of my book. You know that feeling that you just feel overwhelmed with the many things that you want to say, you end up feeling that you’re really saying anything good at all?

I planned to complete the full chapter 5 and 6 yesterday. But I guess, I just didn’t have the energy and the inspiration perhaps. I felt stumped and unable to proceed with the best way to present the information I wanted my readers to have.

Oh well, talk about dammed words!

Thomas A. Edison was right: a job well done requires 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So here I turn on the computer, and pick up where I left off yesterday. Perhaps, the muse will appear today. Or not! Either way, I write.

#003 – Common Lovelife Mistakes ng mga Kabataan with Bestselling Lovestruck Author Ronald Molmisa

We have a special guest in this episode, bestselling author of Pass or Fail, Lovestruck, and Lovestruck Singles Edition: Kuya Ronald Molmisa. And in this episode, we tackle the question for the week:

Ano ang mga common lovelife mistakes ng mga kabataan?

Here’s some of the highlights of the interview:

Common lovelife mistakes of young people include:

  • Being assuming or feelingero/feelingera.
  • Neglecting accountability to parents.
  • Confusing love with sex.
  • At ang sabi ni Kuya Ronald, to guard your heart, you need to look up to God and be mindful of your responsibilities, plans and dreams.


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Music played in this episode:

  • Pangarap Lang Kita by Parokya ni Edgar (feat. Happy Sy)

And here’s the transcript:

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#002: Ibang-iba na nga ba ang Kabataang Pinoy Part 2


In this episode, we continue the discussion started in Episode #001. Ang Question for the Week ay the same sa first episode:

Ibang-iba na nga ba ang Kabataan Natin Ngayon? Sa paanong paraan?


More specifically, ito yung mga topics sa episode na ‘to:

  • Ang kabataan ay kabataan pa rin. Pareho ng needs.
  • Nagbabago lang ang mundo, pero ang mga kabataan noon ay pareho rin ng mga kabataan ngayon.
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Music played in this episode:

  • “Awit ng Kabataan” by Rivermaya
  • “Hesus” by Alamid

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Here’s the Transcript of the Show

Ang sabi nila, ibang-iba na daw ang mga kabataang Pinoy ngayon. Hindi naman yata, nagbabago lang ang mundo pero ang mga kabataan ay kabataan pa rin. Continue reading

Kwentong CI: Soaked

This is a short documentary film on the recently held Christmas Institute 2012 (Soak in Christ) within the area of Northeast Philippines Annual Conference. Herewith, video casts are those who became members of the CI Staff, Core Group, and some are beginning delegates all within the four districts of the said conference. They have given their insights, experiences, and testimonies therein. It also includes the captured scenes through pictures and videos highlighting the run through of the four (4) CI events happened. The film aims to emphasize, highlight, and further share the witnessing of this set of young people to further reach out fellow youth by means of multimedia ministry or through a short video clip.

Kwentong CI: Waterlogged

This video is about the individual struggles (especially with the travel) the young people who attended the first DEA wide C.I. experienced and their full emersion of Christ in the event and how blessed they were. Hopefully what everyone learned would not be left in Baybay, Leyte but will be brought and applied not just in their local churches, their family, friends but to themselves. To cherish and relive every moment that happened in the C.I., how it means to be soaked in Him, the strange yet glorious feeling of experiencing Him inside out.

Kwentong CI: Christmas Institute, a Magical Experience

Una sa lahat, ang point of view ng video na ito ay mainly from us, the staffs and officers. Nakasaad ditto kung ano yung mga programs, activities na meron sa CI at bakit naming inilagay ang mga ito. Ganun pa man, yung content/kabuuan ng video na ito ay hango sa personal experiences ng mga youths na nakadalo ng Christmas Institute. Ihinahalintulad naming mga taga SMD-NELPAC ang Christmas Institue na parang isang MAGICAL EXPERIENCE kung saan dumarating sa point na ayaw pang matapos yung CI, kung puwede lang iextend pa! Parang magical na, it’s a place kung san nakakalimutan yung problema. Pinapakita din dito na ang CI 2013 ay soak in culture, soak in talent, soak in spiritual, soak in social, soak in emotional, soak in physical. In short, napaka well rounded ng saklaw ng activities. Pero at the end of the day, ang pinakamahalagang part ng CI ay yung encounter ng mga kabataan kay Lord. Yung paglalim pa ng pananampalataya at pag-alab ng desire nila to seek God. Aminado din kaming officers and staffs, na maging kami ay natuto ng sobra at lalo pa kaming nagBABAD kay Kristo! 🙂 SOAK IN CHRIST!

Kwentong CI: Luha

Ito ay kwento tungkol sa isang kabataan na kung saan ay dating babaero, umiinom, naninigarilyo, mabarkada, sumasagot sa magulang at higit sa lahat ay hindi nakakakilala sa ating Panginoon. At dahil sa taunang aktibidad na inaabangan lahat ng mga kabataan, dito ay nabago ang kanyang pananaw. Naunawaan nya ang kanyang halaga bilang isang kabataang kristiyano, naunawaan nya ang kanyang mga kasalanan, at higit sa lahat ay naunawaan nya kung sino ba talaga siya bilang isang anak ng Diyos. Sa mga pagbabagong ito ang naging dahilan ng kanyang pagLUHA na hindi pa dito nagtatapos ang kanyang buhay kundi ito palang ang kanyang simula bilang isang anak ng ating Panginoon.

Entries to the 1st Kwentong C.I. Video Contest

Submission to the 1st Kwentong C.I. Video Contest closed last February 2, 2013. Four entries were submitted.


by Jesrael Samolde; Noel Angelo Solabo; Daniel Cruz; Kurt Fernandez; Kim Fernandez; Vicky Briones of Parkhomes United Methodist Church, Metro District, RPACE.

Christmas Institute, a Magical Experience

by Rey Oliver Fabros of Burgos UMC, NelPAC


by Jeremiah Edward Bohol, VPAC


by Lemuel Sanchez, Kevin John Maddela, and Jmer Luna, NEPAC

I will be posting links to the following entries soon so you could watch them individually. Winners will be announced by March 30, 2012, and they will be awarded on the 3rd National Youth Council Meeting sometime in August 2013.

#001: Ibang-iba na nga ba ang mga Kabataang Pinoy?[PODCAST]

Welcome to the first episode of the Gen Y Chronicles podcast!

In this episode, I talk about the topics that will be covered in the podcast (radio program) and what you can expect in the coming episodes.

Of course, for every episode, we have a Question for the Week. Sa first episode, ang ating question ay:

Ibang-iba na nga ba ang Kabataan Natin Ngayon? Sa paanong paraan?

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More specifically, ito yung mga topics sa first episode:

  • Attention span. Mas maikli na ang attention span ng mga kabataang Pinoy ngayon. Gusto natin, instant everything!
  • Mas liberal na ang mga kabataang Pinoy ngayon. Less religious na raw tayo at dumarami ang nag-e-engage sa premarital sex.

Music played in this episode:

  • “Noon at Ngayon” by Blakdyak
  • “Betamax” by Sandwich


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