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A lot of people often post their rants, complaints, and beef against someone, or against the world in general, on their Social Media profiles. For all the world to see. Some of them could easily earn the Drama King or Queen Award on Facebook.

Some of my friends are also fond of ‘Instagramming’, posting photos of their food, whether savory or not; of the heavy traffic, some random cuteness, selfies, pics of their babies or whole families. I know of a friend whose Facebook timeline mainly contains pics of her growing baby.

One particular friend also loves to check into all the places he goes to–the office, Starbucks, a store in the mall, and his apartment, which he refers to as his Castle on Foursquare.


In this hyperconnected, always on world, we have become the star of our own Reality TV Show, except that we’re not on TV, but on the Social Networks we inhabit. Oh wait, yeah, there’s YouTube and the scores of silly videos we upload, right?

(By the way, studies in the US found out that Social Media can make us envious of our friends and less satisfied with our own lives.)

At some point, I was also caught up in the craziness of Facebook. I posted about the Pinakbet I’m eating, the places I’m going to, plus the occasional complaints about utilities and other services. But when the novelty wore off, I found myself reverting back to normal and hesitation to post about my personal life set in. Continue reading