What to Do with Your Life Plan


Having a plan is good. But a plan is just a plan until you start building it. Can you really say you have a house based on the blueprint or plan you possess?

Nope. So after writing down your life plan and working through your timeline, here are several things you need to do with your life plan.

Be constantly reminded of your plan.

Print your vision statements and your plan place it where you could be reminded of it. You could even create what they call a vision board: complete with photos and images to remind you of your plan. Continue reading

Book Review: Your First Job by Nelson Dy

When I graduated from College, I didn’t really know where to start. Some of my friends applied for work right away. Some to government positions, others to call centers, and a handful of us wanted to take some time off and figure out how to start this thing they call ‘career’.

I could’ve kissed anyone who gave me a book on starting my job on those first weeks of my being unemployed. (I was no longer a student, so I was probably one of those who are unemployed.)

Sadly, I didn’t have any book on starting a career. But don’t worry, here at PinoyYuppie.com we’ll feature books, lots of books, to help you in finding a job and in becoming an awesome worker.


Here’s the first batch of our Book Reviews. A book on how to build the right foundations when you start working:

Your First Job: A Practical Guide to Success
by Nelson T. Dy

196 pages
Published by OMF Literature
Available at major bookstores nationwide
PhP 195


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School for Christian Youth Development: Recommended Subjects

The School for Christian Youth Development is an annual project of the Board of Discipleship of the annual conferences. In several annual conferences, it is the Council on Youth Ministries that implements this program. It is a three-year school meant for the development of Methodist youth so that they would be equipped for ministry in their respective local churches, districts and annual conferences.

The SCYD usually runs for two weeks. In several conferences, it is implemented for three weeks. Still, others do it for only a week! The students for each year level goes through around 6-7 subjects in a year. After attending the school for three years, the SCYD graduates will then be recognized by their annual conference as official youth lay speakers. This school is more than just a camp. It is a formal school being run by the church with classroom instructions, field work and extra-curricular activities for young people.

A number of pastors and deaconesses from all over the Philippines have decided to become full-time church ministry as a result of their exposure and training in the SCYD. The SCYD, however, is mainly implemented by annual conferences in the Baguio and Davao Episcopal Areas. Only two of the conferences in the Manila Episcopal Area do implement this program.

The School for Christian Youth Development is a three-year program implemented by the Board of Discipleship of the Annual Conference. It is meant to equip young people for ministries in the church. It usually lasts for two weeks during the Summer (April or May).

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How to Create a Life Plan Right After College Graduation

Yes I know, planning is boring. It’s not cool to sit down months or years before you actually face something. I mean, it’s not easy to think about your first job if you have an exam tomorrow and three term papers due in five days’ time.

Besides planning is not cool. Wolverine is an action man. Professor X is a planner. Therefore Wolverine is cool. Prof. X is not.logan-and-charles-460x172

Cool people just wing it. They cross the bridge when they get there. And they don’t bother with things as mundane as a plan.

Those who succeed stumble onto success overnight.

Or do they?

Overnight success happens, perhaps if you marry into a very wealthy family, stumbled onto a pot of gold, or inherited vast amounts of money from a long-lost grandpa (you know, just like in the movies).

Yet, for ordinary folks like you and me, to achieve something extraordinary, we need to work hard and smart. And before we even begin working, we need a good plan.

When you’re graduating or have recently graduated, a life plan may seem to be the last thing on your mind. What with all the papers, thinking about your graduation outfit, and the excitement of graduation before you.

But, really, you can’t afford to not plan. Continue reading