The Calling of Jeremiah

Si Jeremiah ay isang propeta. May isang Bible book na devoted sa kwento ng buhay niya. Just grab a Bible at hanapin sa Table of Contents kung nasaan ang Jeremiah, buklat buklat, then you’ll find it.

Nakakatuwa kasi ang kwento ni Jeremiah. Kabataan pa lang siya nung tinawag siya ni Lord na magsilbi bilang prophet. At talaga namang nakipagdiscussion pa siya nang konti kay Lord.

Kung babasahin mo ang Jeremiah Chapter 1, makikita mo dun kung paano siya tinawag ni Lord. At based sa kwentong ito, marami tayong malalaman tungkol sa relationship ni Lord sa atin.

Ito ang ilan sa mga lessons na mapupulot natin sa buhay ni Jeremiah:

God knows you.

Ito ang sabi ni Lord kay Jeremiah:

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
Before you were born I set you apart
and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”

Ang sweet di ba?! Parang “I knew I loved you before I met you.” God knows us deeply. At bago pa man tayo ipinanganak, may purpose na si Lord para sa ating buhay. Amazing di ba?

Yes, hindi ka perfect. All the same, God can use you.

At siempre, may objection si Jeremiah sa pagkatawag sa kanya. Ito namang si Lord, di po ako marunong magsalita. Ang bata ko pa kaya…

“O Sovereign Lord,” I said, “I can’t speak for you! I’m too young!”

The Lord replied, “Don’t say, ‘I’m too young,’ for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken!” Then the Lord reached out and touched my mouth and said,

“Look, I have put my words in your mouth!
Today I appoint you to stand up
against nations and kingdoms.
Some you must uproot and tear down,
destroy and overthrow.
Others you must build up
and plant.”

If God calls you, He also enables you.

Alam naman ni Lord na hindi ka perpekto. Kagaya ni Jeremiah. Pero, kung tinawaga ka Niya, ibig sabihin God will also equip you and enable you para gawin yung mga pinapagawa niya sa iyo. God even touched the lips of Jeremiah para ipakita na seryoso siya.

When God calls you, He gives you a vision.

After na tinawag ni Lord si Jeremiah at nakita ni Jeremiah na wala na siyang lusot. Ayun, God gave him a vision. Kaya nga ang tanong ni Lord kay Jeremiah: “Look, Jeremiah! What do you see?”

At eto na nga ang challenging part sa pagkatawag kay Jeremiah. It was not easy to proclaim the word from God. Essentially, si Jeremiah ang magiging spokesman ni Lord sa mga kababayan niyang matitigas ang ulo.

When God calls you, you need to obey.

It might be a difficult path. Pero if God calls you, he can do mighty things through you. Sunod ka lang. God has you covered.

What’s Your Calling?

If you’re young, malamang madalas mong tinatanong kung para saan ba ang buhay na ito? Para saan nga ba?

Sa totoo lang, medyo mahirap sagutin yan.  Okay lang naman na hindi mo pa alam at first. Siempre, if you’re young, you want to enjoy life. Minsan, party-party. Minsan serious mode. Pero kung hindi mo ito sasagutin, eventually, maiistress ka!

So ngayon pa lang, maganda siguro, pause for a moment. Pray. Then ask yourself, “Ano ba ang calling ko sa buhay?” What does God want me to do?

First off. Hindi ako naniniwala na isa at ISA lamang ang itinadhana ng Diyos na gawin mo
. At parang kapag hindi mo nahanap yun eh you miss God’s will sa buhay mo. Minsan kasi, ang mga Pastor at ilang mga Christians, kapag sinabi na may “calling” ka, ang gusto talaga nilang sabihin sa iyo eh “Magpastor ka!”

Pero hindi naman ganun kasimple yun. Iba iba ang skills natin. Iba-iba ang mga interests natin. Kaya iba-iba din ang calling natin. Continue reading

18 Ways to Rediscover and Recapture Your Passion

It all starts with passion. Oftentimes, we are not aware of what we love doing. What makes you tick? What keeps you going and going like the Energizer Bunny? If you realize your passion, you become a dangerous person—you might just turn the world upside down!

Here are the eighteen ways for you to rediscover and recapture your passion.

1. Get a journal and chronicle what you think about for a whole day. Our thoughts reveal our interests and the things that we care about. If you jot down your thoughts, especially those that you keep going back to.

2. Take a look at the kinds of books in your shelf. What do you like to read? Is there a recurring topic or a pattern that emerge from your book collection?

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How to Survive Your First Week at Work

You’ve gone through the job hunt; negotiated your salary; went through the final interview and voila! You’ve just signed the contract. Welcome aboard!

How do you go through the first few days in the office? Follow these simple tips to get you started.


Attend the on-boarding training. Even if you’re a veteran employee, it wouldn’t hurt to attend the on-boarding training. Through this, you can learn about the organizational culture, the dos and don’ts of the company as well as the various requirements of your job. The on-boarding training allows you to get an overview of the company you’ve just signed up for. Along the way, you may come to understand if you’ve made a mistake in signing up with them or not.

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How John Wood Left Microsoft to Change the World

I wrote this post back in 2010 in my original blog, I decided to repost it here since it’s a really inspiring book for me, especially now that I’m thinking of a special birthday project later this year.

Last month, I decided that I won’t buy new books until I’ve read all the books on my shelf! But I came across one book that I couldn’t resist buying: John Wood’s Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. It is 278 pages long but I read it in just six days! It was so interesting and attention grabbing that I couldn’t help but be drawn to the book.

This book presents John Wood’s account of how he founded Room to Read, a non-profit organization that provides books, classrooms and computer rooms in developing countries, particularly Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and South Africa among others. John Wood showed amazing transformational leadership in the realm of social entrepreneurship!

The life-changing 3-week vacation

It all started with a three-week trek in Nepal. John Wood was enjoying a great career at Microsoft’s Australia office. Nice house. Nice car. Demanding but rewarding career! What more could he ask for? Yet, after years of working, he had to take a three-week break to recapture his energies. He spent those three weeks trekking in Nepal.

John Wood met a headmaster named Pasupathi who told him about Nepal’s very high illiteracy rate. Pasupathi then offered to tour John Wood to the schools that he was supervising. It took several hours of walking and climbing.

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How to Survive Office Politics

Office politics may well be the reason why some employees never get promoted. It may also be one of the top reasons why employees resign from their jobs. How can you deal with it? Is it possible to do away with office politics?


Here are some tips on how to survive office politics.

Clarify goals and expectations. Write down your goals and expectations from the office. It helps to clarify your expectations to avoid disappointments and even heartaches.

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Productive Pinoy: A Book Review

productivepinoyThe single most popular negative trait of Filipinos is perhaps the Manana Habit also known as the “mamaya na syndrome”.

The motto of chronic procrastinators seems to be “Why do today what you can do tomorrow!”

A lot of people could give lots of excuses. They’ll blame the traffic, the dog who ate their assignments, or the neighbor’s Videoke, which made them stay up late last night.

Seriously, we Pinoys need to cut back on those excuses and develop new sets of habits that will help us become a better people, better persons and more productive citizens. Just last night, I heard a radio show where the host said: “If you’re able bodied and still strong, there’s no excuse for you NOT to be productive and earn some money.”

Productive Pinoy,” written by Yeng Remulla explores the funny, and often embarrassing side of Pinoy unproductiveness, the barriers to success, and provides amazing tips to help boost Pinoy Productivity. Continue reading

How to Enjoy Your Days Off

Have you ever worked nonstop for at least two weeks? Do you remember how stressed you were and things didn’t seem to work out?

“All work and no play makes you dull,” so they say. It’s true! I’ve been in situations where I go to work at 10am and leave at 11pm! I did it straight for ten days. By the eleventh day, I had to call in sick and work (minimally) from home.


You should have off days, they are extremely important in your work-life balance and in ensuring that you have enough energy for more work. Too often though, people fill their off days with more activities that they barely have room to breathe! Here are the top four things you should do on your off days.

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Listen to Protips and Grow as a Young Professional

Do you want to grow professionally? Are you investing in yourself so you could become more excellent each day?

I’ve been looking for some resources for professional growth lately. While there may be a lot of foreign books, blogs, and podcasts on professional growth and development, we definitely lack Pinoy professional growth resources online.

That’s why if you want to grow professionally and spiritually, I heartily recommend listening to and reading Protips daily. Here are 3 simple reasons.

1. Protips is short and sweet.

Protips is being aired at 702DZAS every morning. And it’s only 5 minutes. You can either listen to it while combing your hair, putting on your shoes or while traveling (in a bus, in the MRT, or in your car).

If you can’t listen on air, you can always take a quick visit on Facebook, Ms. Maloi M. Salumbides uploads each and every episode on the Protips Facebook Page every morning. Not only that, there is a nice infographic accompanying each episode. Continue reading

5 Steps to Prepare for the Job Hunt

In the Philippines and even in other countries, getting a job is always a big challenge. It is easier for some people to land a job while others find it difficult. If you’re freshly out of college, or you’ve just resigned and looking forward to applying for another job, you gotta prepare for the job hunt!

job_huntResearch. Look for the right job for you. Do what you are passionate about! If you apply at a job that you hardly care about, then you will just end up becoming a mediocre performer. Discover your passion, your gifts, your skills and your talents—these could help you land at your dream job!

Mindset. Job hunt is a highly competitive process. Prepare your mind for action! Other people are also out to get the job you are applying for. If you do not outprepare and out-perform them, you lose! So get on the champion mindset and start telling yourself you’re the greatest professional in the world!

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