My Yuppie Story 3 – First Job, First Salary, First Phone, and Other Firsts

By the end of May 2003, I landed my first job — High School English teacher and College instructor.

This is it. I’m finally starting to change the world. What better way to change the world than to shape the minds and hearts of young people?

A lot of people kept asking what a young UP graduate like me was doing in the province. They said that I could have gotten way better opportunities with higher levels of salary in the big city.

But I was undaunted. While this teaching job was almost coincidental for me, I knew that I could survive and even enjoy the job.

Save Time by Scheduling Your BPI Transactions via BPI Express Assist Online

If you go to the branches of BPI, you’ll see about 3-4 touch screen terminals where you input the details of our transaction. You just enter your account number, the nature of your transaction and the amount involved. Your information will go directly to their system and you get a number.

But did you know that if you enrolled in the online banking system of BPI (, you can also schedule your transactions online!

Here’s how it works: