4 Fears that New Graduates Have to Face

About 700,000 graduates this year will enter the workforce very soon. If you’re one of them, I’d like to say (with the voice of Morpheus) “Welcome to the Real World!”

A lot of these graduates probably have jobs now. But a greater number probably doesn’t.

Whether you’re employed or still waiting, actively hunting, here are 4 common fears to deal with.

Take heart though, if you face these fears, you’ll only become stronger and better able to build a fulfilling, sustainable life.

My Yuppie Story 4: The Cloverleaf of Dreams: Going Back to Manila

After resigning from my teaching job by April 2004, I looked at several opportunities in the province. My father, who was assigned to a church in Quezon City offered to take me with him. I’ll have a house to stay in, food, and a couple of other amenities.

I told him no.

I applied as College instructor at two campuses of our State University. Did my teaching demo and had some interviews.

In both cases, I knew that I performed well in the exams, in the demo teaching, and even in projecting a confident and competent professional. I’m a UP graduate, after all.

So I waited, and waited… and waited some more.