How Not to Be Late: Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever been late for a breakfast meeting or a client call? Did you see the look in your supervisor’s face when you finally arrived after 30 minutes?

Being late seems to be so ingrained in our business dealings that we give allowances of up to 1 hour for people to be late! And if you’re the one waiting for a tardy person to arrive, then you know how ridiculously annoying that is.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s why you should stop being late!

Guide to Getting a Promotion at Work

Aah… promotion. Some people just seem to know the secret to it while you may have been floundering in your current position for the longest time. Do you remember Randy from Episode 005 of the Happy Yuppie Podcast? He got promoted several times, he didn’t even complete a four-year course.

Here are several tips on how you could get a promotion at work.

A Simple Time Management System in Six Easy Steps

For some time, I looked for a time management system that’s easy to implement and will help me do more without becoming a sleep-deprived zombie. So far, I’ve covered David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and the Pomodoro Technique. We go back to basics with this simple time management system developed by Chet Holmes, who is the author of the best-selling book “The Ultimate Sales Machine.”

Iwasan ang Kryptonite

Sa isang tingin, parang wala nang kahinaan si Superman. May laser vision, nakakalipad, kaya niyang magligtas ng napakaraming mga tao. Pero kapag nandiyan na ang Kryptonite, nanghihina siya at hindi na niya naitutuloy ang laban. Maraming temptations sa mga kabataang

Assemble Your Team

Bilang superhero, hindi masyadong kilala si Nick Fury compared kina Spiderman at Iron Man. Pero kung wala si Nick Fury, wala rin ang Avengers project na kinabibilangan nina Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, at iba pa. Kung mag-isa

Aim, then Fire

Sa grupong X-Men, si Cyclops ang may laser vision (or optic blast to be exact). Kaya nitong patumbahin ang isang building dahil super focused ang power ng mga mata niya. Sa chapter na ito, we talk about the ‘needs of

Train for Action

Wala naman talagang superpowers si Batman. Malakas lang talaga siya dahil sa walang puknat na pagwo-workout, at magaling siyang gumawa ng mga tools at gadgets para gampanan ang tungkulin niya bilang Batman. In the same way, dapat magworkout at maghanda