How Not to Be Late: Follow These 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever been late for a breakfast meeting or a client call? Did you see the look in your supervisor’s face when you finally arrived after 30 minutes?

Being late seems to be so ingrained in our business dealings that we give allowances of up to 1 hour for people to be late! And if you’re the one waiting for a tardy person to arrive, then you know how ridiculously annoying that is.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s why you should stop being late!

It’s unprofessional. If you are always late for your meetings and your deadlines, you’re shouting to the world “I’m unprofessional!” Professionals appear on time and deliver work on time. People hate dealing with unprofessional people because it wastes time and money.

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10 Tips to Make the Most Out of the Manila International Book Fair

The Manila International Book Fair is THE biggest event for bookworms in the Philippines! This year, it runs from September 17-21. If you haven’t gone there yet, here are 10 tips to help you make the most out of this event.

By the way, my book “May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic” (a book on leadership for young people), published by OMF Literature starts selling there. Its cover price is P75, but you’ll get a 30% discount. You’ll just have to pay P52.50 to grab a copy.

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Guide to Getting a Promotion at Work

Aah… promotion. Some people just seem to know the secret to it while you may have been floundering in your current position for the longest time. Do you remember Randy from Episode 005 of the Happy Yuppie Podcast? He got promoted several times, he didn’t even complete a four-year course.

Here are several tips on how you could get a promotion at work.

How can you get a promotion at work?

Be excellent. Always.

Go the extra mile. Don’t just settle for average performance. Don’t just aim for the minimum requirements. If you go over and above what’s required from you, the people in your organization will come to know you as an excellent worker who will accept nothing but the best performance in yourself. That will also mean that you will expect the best from the people who will be working under you when you get promoted.

Cultivate relationships.

Sometimes, the problem of “office politics” boils down to the cultivation and effective management of relationships. Don’t be a snob. But don’t be too familiar, either. Instead, cultivate good working relationships with your colleagues and if you have a chance, develop friendships, or at least acquaintances, outside of work.

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A Simple Time Management System in Six Easy Steps

For some time, I looked for a time management system that’s easy to implement and will help me do more without becoming a sleep-deprived zombie. So far, I’ve covered David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and the Pomodoro Technique. We go back to basics with this simple time management system developed by Chet Holmes, who is the author of the best-selling book “The Ultimate Sales Machine.” He is also a top karate martial artist, corporate trainer and business consultant.

Chet Holmes’ basic time management system is built on the mindset that time management should be simple and uncomplicated. It’s funny, how he wrote about a time management seminar he attended where the speaker told them to track how they use their time for three months! He couldn’t believe his ears! He just rolled his eyes, gathered his things and left the seminar! Since then, he went on to devise a simple time management system that he could use in managing his businesses.

  1.  Touch it once.
  2. Make lists.
  3. Plan how much time you will allocate to each task.
  4. Plan the day.
  5. Prioritize.
  6. Ask yourself, “will it hurt me to throw this away?”

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Iwasan ang Kryptonite


Sa isang tingin, parang wala nang kahinaan si Superman. May laser vision, nakakalipad, kaya niyang magligtas ng napakaraming mga tao. Pero kapag nandiyan na ang Kryptonite, nanghihina siya at hindi na niya naitutuloy ang laban.

Maraming temptations sa mga kabataang lider. Dito sa Chapter 7, pag-uusapan ang mga temptations na ito na related sa power, money, relationship abuse, atbpa. Parang Kryptonite ang mga temptations na ito–pinababagsak nila ang isang lider.

Kaya dapat matuto ang mga kabataang lider na maging accountable para maprotektahan ang kanilang integrity at character. Icha-challenge din ng chapter na ito na mamuhay ang mga kabataan bilang examples (1 Timothy 4:12).

Smash the Problem, Not the People


May Anger Management problem si Dr. Bruce Banner, at kung nagagalit siya, nagiging higanteng berde siya na si Hulk. At ang paboritong sabihin ni Hulk: “Hulk Smash!” kasabay ng pagsira sa mga buildings at mga gamit.

May mga lider ding ganyan, magkaroon lang ng konting problems, nagwawala na. Yung iba naman, kapag may conflict, ayaw harapin, gusto niya, happy-happy lang. Hindi pwede ang ganun. Ang conflict ay isang opportunity for learning and growing together as leaders (Proverbs 27:17).

Tatalakayin pa ng chapter na to ang ibat’ ibang paraan ng decision-making para sa mga kabataang lider.

Assemble Your Team


Bilang superhero, hindi masyadong kilala si Nick Fury compared kina Spiderman at Iron Man. Pero kung wala si Nick Fury, wala rin ang Avengers project na kinabibilangan nina Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, at iba pa.

Kung mag-isa lang si Nick Fury, hindi niya kayang labanan ang mga aliens para iligtas ang mundo. Kaya nga binuo niya ang Avengers team.

Kagaya ni Nick Fury, kailangang matutunan ng kabataang lider kung paano mag-assemble ng team a makipagtulungan sa ibang mga kabataan at kahit nakatatanda, at mahalaga ring makapag-train siya ng ibang mga lider na pwedeng sumunod sa kanya, kagaya ng bilin ni Paul kay Timothy sa 2 Timothy 2:2.

The #SuperEpic book is coming to the Manila International Book Fair on May 17-21, 2014 at the SMX Convention Area, Mall of Asia.

Aim, then Fire


Sa grupong X-Men, si Cyclops ang may laser vision (or optic blast to be exact). Kaya nitong patumbahin ang isang building dahil super focused ang power ng mga mata niya.

Sa chapter na ito, we talk about the ‘needs of the world’ na pwedeng tugunan ng mga kabataan. Hindi lang iyon, magiging praktikal din ito at ilalahad ang paraan ng paggawa ng vision, goals, at kung paano ito bibigyang aksyon.

Madaling gumalaw bilang lider kahit walang patutunguhan, pero sabi ng Bible sa Proverbs 29:18 “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Kaya kelangan ng vision at ng plano. Icha-challenge din ng chapter na ito ang mga kabataang lider na tugunan ang ilan sa mga problema ng mundo na nakikita nila. Magpapakita rin ito ng ilang examples ng mga kabataang may aim at nag-fire upang mapatupad ang kanilang vision.

Flame On Pero Huwag Ma-Burnout



Kasama ang ibang members ng Fantastic Four, nagkaroon ng superpowers si Johnny Storm at kaya niyang pagliyabin ang kanyang katawan. Apoy ang superpower ni Human Torch. Yun nga lang, nakamamatay din ang apoy na ito.

Ang mga kabataan, natural na may Idealism at kung papasok sa isang bagay, laging passionate. Laging mainit.

Mahalagang matutunan ng mga kabataan ang kani-kanilang passion—iyong mga bagay na gustong-gusto nilang gawin, minsan kahit walang bayad. Ito ang magsu-sustain sa kanila sa kanilang journey to make a difference. Ipakikita rin ng chapter na ito kung paano i-pursue ang passion without being burned out.

Train for Action


Wala naman talagang superpowers si Batman. Malakas lang talaga siya dahil sa walang puknat na pagwo-workout, at magaling siyang gumawa ng mga tools at gadgets para gampanan ang tungkulin niya bilang Batman.

In the same way, dapat magworkout at maghanda ang mga kabataang lider para sa action: kailangang i-upgrade ang kanilang talents, skills, and abilities. Ipapakita ng chapter na ito ang skills and abilities na kailangan ng kabataang lider at paano idedevelop ang mga ito.

Ie-emphasize din ng chapter na to ang kahalagahan ng training at self-discipline kagaya ng sinabi ni St. Paul sa 1 Corinthians 9:25-27