A Note-Taking System for Books I Read

I’m trying a new way of taking notes–I want to gather the highlights, comments, insights, and questions that occur to me while reading a particular work… and put them here in the blog. For PinoyYuppie.com, I will post notes on books related to business, career, and anything about a young professional’s life. If you want to check out my notes on any other book I read, you may need to check out my personal blog, MightyRasing.com.

Why You Should Take Notes from Every Book You Read

They say that experience is the best teacher. Most of the time, they assume that it should be your OWN experience. But that’s not true. A lifetime isn’t enough to experience every lesson there is to learn.

To make the most of one lifetime, you better talk to people, ask about their experiences and the lessons they learned. While face-to-face conversion is great, there is another way, which can sometimes be more efficient and just as effective: Reading books.

How I Choose Books to Read

I’m a big reader, having read 40 books in 2014 as I revealed in a previous post. But how do I choose books to read, you may wonder.

I don’t really have a secret, but I do have several sources of great books to include in my reading list. Here’s how I choose the books that goes into my reading list.

I Read a Lot… Even When I’m in the Toilet…

Oh yes. 40 books in a year! That’s 3.33 books per month. This year, I’m signing up for a bigger challenge: read 52 books for the whole year. That’s one book per week on average.

But here’s the rub. I read a lot. And I read every chance I got–while riding in the MRT, while waiting in line just about anywhere… yes, anywhere, like even in the toilet.

If you’re not a reader, perhaps, the big question is WHY?

Entrepreneur Option

In the past decade, there has been an explosion of books about entrepreneurship and setting up your own business. A lot of training for would-be entrepreneurs and business owners have sprung up. In addition to this, franchising of food carts