I Said I Won’t Go Abroad to Work, but I was Wrong…

Going abroad for work didn’t appeal to me at all. It might have been some vague nationalist-idealistic bug that bit me in College. After graduation, I even thought that I’ll go back to our province and stay there for the greater good.

Neither did I entertain the prospect of working for a “mere call center” as I derisively called it on my graduation day in April 2003. As I told in a blog post, I ended up eating my words and worked for a call center between 2005 and 2006. It seems that wasn’t the last time I was wrong.

This May 2015, I will join the throng of almost 12 Million Filipinos working abroad. I’m going to Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States.


You could say that an opportunity presented itself and I just couldn’t resist but apply for the position. You see, I’ve been working as the Philippine Staff of Young People’s Ministries, a United Methodist Church agency, which is based in Nashville. But I loved my job! It allowed me to serve a lot of young people within our church and even in the society. I got to interact with awesome youth and young adult leaders, plus youth workers all over the Philippines. I also made several friends as a result of the ministries I pursued.

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