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Month: November 2015

North EDSA: Ito Pala ang Rat Race

After entering EDSA through the Balintawak Cloverleaf, madadaanan mo ang Muñoz, and then you’ll approach the intersection of North Avenue, EDSA, and West Avenue. You can’t miss it. Nandiyan ang SM North, isa sa mga dambuhalang malls hindi lang sa Pilipinas kundi sa buong mundo! Katapat lang nito ang isa pang mall—Trinoma!

It’s not an exaggeration kung sasabihin mong may mall ang bawat sulok at gitna ng Metro Manila. Konting tumbling lang, mall na naman! Hindi lang ang SM North at Trinoma ang palatandaan ng North EDSA. Dito mo rin makikita ang pagkahaba-habang pila ng mga tao paakyat sa unang station ng MRT.

Have you heard the term “di mahulugan ng karayom”? That’s exactly the scene sa MRT North EDSA tuwing umaga. At bilang isang bagong miyembro ng work force, that is the kind of mornings you will face. Every. Single. Working. Day.

First Thanksgiving, Family Movie (The Good Dinosaur) & Black Friday in Nashville

We’re learning a lot in this new place that we now call home. Nashville.

Although we didn’t cook Turkey at home, we had our first thanksgiving meal, thanks to Sophia, who invited us for a meal over at their new home, which was 30 minutes away from ours. And when I say 30 minutes, that is by Nashville, not Manila, standards. If this were Manila, 30 minutes would just be enough time for me to travel about 3 kilometers. But here, a 30-minute drive is about 20 miles (roughly 48 km).

We had Turkey, as expected. And in case you’re wondering, it tastes like chicken! But we also had grilled pork ribs, which were awesome! Plus some greens, and other goodies that are typical American fare. Sola (another friend of ours) cooked Biko, which reminded me of home, especially at this time of year, when those puto-bumbong sellers start to show up near the churches in the Philippines.


Reflections from the YPM Asian Young Leaders Summit 2015

Discipleship is really about following Jesus. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of books about leadership. As Christians, however, leadership is not just being in front of people, it is about being a servant, and most of all, being a follower.

Encountering young leaders who want to make a difference in the world is probably one of the greatest joys of my work. I’ve seen this in Ndola, Zambia last April, and this November, I saw it again in the Philippines.

While on the bus to the venue, we already experienced the warmth of Christian fellowship. Such fun!


About 28 young leaders from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia came together for five days of learning, fellowship, and dreaming.

Yes, dreaming!

Bishop Rudy Juan opened with his keynote about the connection of discipleship and leadership. Particularly, he said that as Christian young leaders, we needed to be mindful of three things:

  1. The VISION of the United Methodist Church: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  2. Giving VOICE to young people in the church: Speak up in a loving manner.
  3. Listen & Learn from the experiences of elders in the church, then add our own experiences to that.

Speaking of giving voice to young people, we also had a session on Young People’s Voices in the United Methodist Church, led by my good friend, Earlie Pasion-Bautista. It wasn’t a simple session by any means. It was done remotely via Skype! This is really my first time in a church event with a remote presenter. It worked out well, too!


Balintawak Cloverleaf: Entry Level

If you came from any province in Northern Luzon, malamang dadaan ka sa North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Mabilis kasi ang biyahe. Lalo na ngayon, dumarami ang mga Expressway projects ng government. Kung galing ka nga ng Baguio, thanks sa inter-connection ng TPLEX, SCTEX, at NLEX, within 4 hours nasa Manila ka na.

Ang problema, pagdating mo ng Manila, at nagkataong rush hour, mabagal pa rin ang usad ng mga sasakyan. At kung aakyat ka pa ng EDSA Southbound lane sa may Cloverleaf sa Balintawak, sasalubungin ka ng traffic. Napakaraming mga sasakyan—big and small—ang tila nag-uunahan sa inch-by-inch na pag-usad. Paano ba naman kasi, 2 lanes minsan ang occupied na parking space ng mga namimili sa Balintawak Market. Mabagal tuloy ang flow ng traffic sa natitirang lanes ng EDSA.

Mabilis lang ang four or five years sa College. Throughout College, may mga friends ka na, mas nakikilala mo ang sarili mo, and you’re starting to learn about your skills and your abilities. May mga times na para ka lang dumadaan sa Express Way, hindi mo napapansin ang mga oras, araw, at taong nagdaraan dahil super absorbed ka sa pag-aaral at may mga iba ka pang extra curricular activities.