Month: June 2016

It’s interesting to see how Social Media and web browsing trends change over the years. The turnover is just too fast!

Pew Research Center recently release their Social Media and Workplace Report and they’ve put out several interesting data in relation to the way that most Americans use Social Media.

Please take note that these data is mainly applicable to the United States. We, in the developing world, can also learn from it, but we’ll need to take into account our own context.

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In the 21st century, people are dispersed and the ease of moving from one country to another is facilitating global migration. Different peoples are working, and living as exiles and migrants in different countries.

Here’s a reflection on being away from home and being with Jesus, the “Emmanuel: God with us.”

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Panaglibas a Mapan Mars

Posted by June 22, 2016

Here’s an Ilokano poem about escaping to Mars. I wanted to experiment on the themes of space exploration, of Noah’s ark, and the denuding of Philippine forests, with some of my favorite metal bands in the background.

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