4 Social Media Habits that Could Hurt Your Career

Can you still live in a world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube?

That’s kinda difficult to imagine right?

These technologies have pervaded our lives that the first thing we reach out for in the morning is our Smartphones. We even fight sleep as we promise ourselves just one more peek at our favorite Social Media accounts.

These social media networks have also become part of our work. We love to post our traffic rants on Twitter, we post cryptic messages about an annoying officemate on Facebook, and we check in to restaurants and offices through Foursquare or Facebook places.

Here are some Social Media habits may be hurting your career. Which of the following habits do you almost unconsciously do?

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Spending Too Much Time on Social Media on Working Hours

The Philippines is supposed to be social networking capital of the world. There’s nothing wrong in checking Facebook for personal reasons, but if you’re doing it during working hours, you’re technically stealing hours from the company. Unless, of course, your work is Social Media Marketing.

I heard a motivational speaker give some meaning to the acronym A.I.D.S. or “As If Doing Something.” We also hear of offices (mainly government and some private, too) where the employees look so busy, but they are in fact only looking at Facebook.


Complaining about your boss, employer, or co-worker online.

If you have a problem with your co-worker, go talk to him or her about it. If it’s really serious and you need to file a complain, then talk to your HR Department. It’s unethical to say, the least. It’s also problematic because you’re supposed to be part of the team. Team-mates cover each other’s back. If you are attacking your boss online, then you are acting as if you’re not a part of the team.

If you have a problem with your boss and your employer, I suggest talking with the concerned person. If that doesn’t work, or if it’s a serious case (like sexual harassment or if it is about unremitted contributions to SSS or Philhealth), you better file a complaint to the appropriate department in your office, or to the Department of Labor.

While you’re working for your employer, they deserve to hear your grievances first hand.

Filing for a sick leave and then posting pics of yourself in a beach.

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Back when I was in a call center, we often joke that there are occasional epidemic of migraine and LBM. Most of the time, they are probably true. But since they are often used as excuses for a Sick Leave (SL), the company decided to require medical certificate for sick leaves.

ok, it’s not a guarantee that your boss or officemates won’t see it. The safest thing to do is to not use SL’s or emergency leaves for your travel bug. The next safest thing to do is to avoid all pictures and groufies. Failing that, you have to ask all your friends not to tag you in any photo they will upload! Good luck doing that!

Disclosing Confidential information online.

Each company has its trade secrets–confidential information that should be kept within the organization. But it’s now very difficult to secure every single information or document of the company. Employees bring their own gadgets to work. Smartphones are so powerful now, they are practically small, portable computers that could copy and hold any type of information.

Just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you should. In fact, some companies have rules on taking selfies at work, or on posting company-sensitive information. You better check your employee handbook and rules on information security before posting anything sensitive. You should also review your contract to check if it has any Non-Disclosure Clause in addition to Non-compete clause.

The bottom line is for you to be very careful in posting information about work-related matters online. Even if your employer does not have a Social Media policy, be mindful of your netiquettes.

Care to add some more?

Have you heard of anyone who got fired because of social media? Care to add any other Social Media habits that could destroy one’s career?

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