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My Prayers and Hopes for the United Methodist Church in the Philippines

The Philippines Central Conference, the highest decision-making body of the United Methodist Church in the country, will meet on December 11-17, 2012 at Bayombong United Methodist Church, Nueva Vizcaya. For most people, especially those who have become cynical with the “political” process in the church, the Central Conference will be a battlefield with several groups

Five Media Personalities Influencing the Filipino Youth Today

Youth Culture keeps changing. Those of us who grew up in the 1990s fondly remember the music of Eraserheads, Alamid, Introvoys, Rivermaya, and yes, Parokya ni Edgar. It was the explosion of Filipino alternative bands! But the music of the 90s usually contained socially relevant lyrics. Magasin by Eraserheads criticized the prevailing smut and porn

HIV / AIDS a Growing Problem in the Philippines

HIV & AIDS seems to be a distant problem, which happens in other countries. But surprisingly, HIV and AIDS is a growing problem in the Philippines! A total of 316 new HIV cases had been recorded last September. That was only for a month! For January to September 2012, the total number of HIV cases

Bawal ma-in love ang superhero

Ni: Joy Eva Bohol “Do you have a boyfriend?” If you’re answer is NO, the follow up question is, “Why?” And the thread of questions and advises go on. I have been asked with these questions from the moment I turned 16 years old. And I am still dealing with it! For several years of

Why Young People Leave the (Mainline) Church

Earlier today, I posted a question on my Facebook wall about young people looking for new ways to express their faith. It kind piqued the interest of some young adult friends. Here’s what I posted: How many of the young people in the mega-churches / new Christian groups / emerging churches came from mainline denominations?

Three Things to Watch Out and Blog About – Youth, ICT and Technology

After my blog post on Disruption, I suddenly realized the importance of momentum. When you get disrupted, whatever momentum you accumulated evaporate into thin air! That’s probably why Multitasking doesn’t work either. You keep getting disrupted, you can’t get sufficient force to defy gravity! Before I went to the US for our annual meeting on

The Power of Disruption

I was in Nashville, TN, USA from September 20-26 for the meeting of our office, Young People’s Ministries. It was an awesome experience and helped me feel more connected with my colleagues and it put some better context to my work in the Philippines. It was also energizing to be with young people from the

How Do We Support Homegrown Startup Companies?

Startups are often associated with technology enterprises. Thanks to the likes of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and the rest of the technology entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley, startup companies gained momentum in the past three decades or so. Recent startups that made it big include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Mashable, Huffington Post and

DiscipleSHIFT Presentation Notes

If you’ve attended my session on DiscipleSHIFT at any Revive Conference, here’s my Powerpoint Presentation. The videos are also included in the presentation. Please take note, though, that this presentation doesn’t make sense by itself. So you need to listen to me as I deliver it. If we can record a video of my presentation,

What is Leadership: 18 Definition of Leadership from the Experts

I’ve been writing about leadership for more than two years now. And in all that time, I haven’t really explored the question “What is leadership?” I know that I’ve posted a lot of thoughts and experiences about leadership. But I haven’t really written anything extensive about the matter. In today’s post, I decided to write