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Recommended Subjects for First Year SCYD Students

Young people who attend SCYD are usually from 12 – 24 years old. A lot of them usually enter first year, but not everyone will complete the full three years. in most cases, less than 50% of the first year students will go through the second year, and only a handful about 2-20) students will

Observations and Insights on UMC’s School for Christian Youth Development

In May 2010, I visited seven annual conferences that conducted the annual School for Christian Youth Development. I visited the following annual conferences: VisayasPhilippinesAnnual Conference Northeast LuzonPhilippinesAnnual Conference Northern PhilippinesAnnual Conference NorthEast PhilippinesAnnual Conference Central LuzonPhilippinesAnnual Conference PangasinanPhilippinesAnnual Conference NorthWest PhilippinesAnnual Conference Although I did not personally go to the Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference, I

Contemplating Young People’s Discipleship in the UMC

Here are some of the insights from my talks with a number of Methodists, both young and old.