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How to Build a Blog without Spending a Cent

If you’ve been following this blog lately, you know that Fridays are dedicated to my writing on Social Media. I believe that leaders need to blog. It helps clarifies their thoughts, help them process their experiences, and inspire their followers!

Still, if you’re not convinced you need to blog, please read Build a Blog.

I would also request you to read the following articles as preliminary information you need.


Start with Why

Know Your Audience

Amplify Your Message Online

Build a Blog

For many would-be bloggers, two things that deter them are time and cost. They feel that blogging is time-consuming and that they could not make any more room in their busy schedules. They also believe that they need to spend a fortune just to get started with blogging. I might not be able to help you in carving more time in your already-busy schedule, but I can definitely help you to build a blog without spending a cent!

Just a caveat: If you want to pursue blogging in the long term, I strongly recommend getting your own domain name (like or like mine: and your  own web hosting account. How much would it cost? About $80 (PhP 3,500.00). Sure it’s more challenging. You’ll need to Google a lot of information to keep it going and troubleshoot it. But the learning and the experience is totally worth it! Don’t worry, that’s what I’ll cover next week!

STEP 1: Make sure you have these:

Although you won’t need to spend a dime, you still need several things before you can actually build your blog. So, before sitting down in front of your computer to build  your blog. You will need:

What is Leadership: 18 Definition of Leadership from the Experts

I’ve been writing about leadership for more than two years now. And in all that time, I haven’t really explored the question “What is leadership?” I know that I’ve posted a lot of thoughts and experiences about leadership. But I haven’t really written anything extensive about the matter. In today’s post, I decided to write about this topic.

What is leadership?

A first glance at the term “leadership”, anybody would say that it refers to the act of leading. When you are leading, you need to have followers and you are moving towards a certain direction in pursuit of a certain goal.  Yet, leadership is not solely about position or the imposition of the leader’s will over his or her subordinates. It’s not easy to come up with a leadership definition. Instead, we need to look at what the experts have said and analyze them to better understand what leadership is.

To help us understand leadership better, I did a little bit of research and consulted some authors, leaders and writers about it. Below are 18 leadership quotes from the world’s leadership experts.

Leadership: Authority and Influence


“The only definition of a leader is someone who has followers.” – Peter Drucker

At its core, leadership assumes, of course, that you have followers. Why would people willingly follow you? It has something to do with leadership traits they found in you, or if they want what you are advocating. This statement from Peter Drucker probably applies best to charismatic leaders. These types of leaders are easy to follow—people could readily identify with the leader; they want to protect the leader and do his/her bidding.

Likewise leaders who hold leadership positions in organizations have an automatic following—the people who belongs to the organization has to follow him or her. They don’t need to like it, in fact some people will follow grudgingly and unwillingly.