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My 2015 in Review

Every December since 2013, I have resolved to look back at my year, look at my victories and successes as well as my mistakes and failures. The goal is to celebrate the former, and learn from the latter. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions–I’ve tried them in the past and it didn’t work for

How to Do a Personal Evaluation at the End of the Year

A lot of people get excited towards the end of the year. Christmas is coming. And for lots of kids, that means presents from family and friends. Families get together for reunion. Of course, students get a break from school. Even workers get to take some vacation for the holidays. At the same time, the

The Global Youth Wellbeing Index and Ministry with Young People around the World

One of the difficulties of working with different young people around the world is that, well… they are different! Of course there are similarities in their stories of growing up, forming identities, struggling with poverty, and other issues. But there are complex political, economic, social, and cultural forces at work that make it impossible to

Skills Inventory

Your skills are very important in the workplace. Are you aware of the skills you have? Fill out the Skills Inventory below and let this document serve as your benchmark in entering the workplace. Alternatively, you can download the file here: Personal Skills Inventory.

Thinking about HIV & AIDS

At work today, we had our Advent Retreat in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to different non-profit organizations to take part, albeit for only a day, in the services that they offer to the community. I’m part of the group that went to the Center for Refugees+Immigrants of Tennessee. But that’s another story

First Thanksgiving, Family Movie (The Good Dinosaur) & Black Friday in Nashville

We’re learning a lot in this new place that we now call home. Nashville. Although we didn’t cook Turkey at home, we had our first thanksgiving meal, thanks to Sophia, who invited us for a meal over at their new home, which was 30 minutes away from ours. And when I say 30 minutes, that

Reflections from the YPM Asian Young Leaders Summit 2015

Discipleship is really about following Jesus. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of books about leadership. As Christians, however, leadership is not just being in front of people, it is about being a servant, and most of all, being a follower. Encountering young leaders who want to make a difference in the world is

Free Download: May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic [WORKBOOK]

Here’s the Workbook companion para sa librong “May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic” Hindi mo kailangang lunukin ang Magic Bato ni Darna, o kaya ay buhatin ang Magic Barbell ni Teng para lang magkaroon ka ng chance to make a difference. Kung isa kang kabataan na gustong magkaroon ng #SuperEpic impact sa iyong mundo, then

Support Young People’s Ministries Century Ride for Global Scholarship

A few years back, my boss Mike Ratliff started going on bike rides on his birthday to raise funds for different purposes. Instead of giving him gifts, he asked his friends to help him raise money for several projects. The other year, it was to help raise funds for international participants who will attend the

Strangers, Foreigners, Offering Bread and Fish

Last August, my wife, son, and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. We came from the Philippines, halfway around the world–from the land of delicious and sweet dried mangoes, of beautiful beaches, and hospitable people. It’s hot, and the traffic is really bad, and although more than 20 typhoons pass by every