Book Review: Your First Job by Nelson Dy

When I graduated from College, I didn’t really know where to start. Some of my friends applied for work right away. Some to government positions, others to call centers, and a handful of us wanted to take some time off and figure out how to start this thing they call ‘career’.

I could’ve kissed anyone who gave me a book on starting my job on those first weeks of my being unemployed. (I was no longer a student, so I was probably one of those who are unemployed.)

Sadly, I didn’t have any book on starting a career. But don’t worry, here at we’ll feature books, lots of books, to help you in finding a job and in becoming an awesome worker.


Here’s the first batch of our Book Reviews. A book on how to build the right foundations when you start working:

Your First Job: A Practical Guide to Success
by Nelson T. Dy

196 pages
Published by OMF Literature
Available at major bookstores nationwide
PhP 195


What is it about?

Nelson Dy’s book provides tips and lessons for the beginning employee. Written from a Christian perspective, it challenges the reader to apply his or her faith in the workplace. Dy used the story of Joseph the Dreamer from the book of Genesis in the Bible as a backdrop to develop the career lessons in the book.

The six principles that Nelson Dy wrote about are:

1. Know where you are headed.
2. Bloom where you are planted.
3. Keep your nose clean.
4. Help people on the way.
5. Further your boss’s success.
6. Let go of emotional baggages.

To highlight these principles and put them to practice, the book also presents Dy’s interviews with professionals who are considered as experts in their fields: Thelma Meneses of Unilever Philippines, Raffy dela Rosa of Chowking, Alex Castillo of Del Monte Philippines, Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga, BJ Sebastian of JG Summit and Jean Lim, an IT Consultant and Counselor.

Recognizing the big role of Business Process Outsourcing companies in the Philippines, particularly call centers, Your First Job also dedicates a Bonus Chapter on Considering Call Centers, Calling the Shots, and Cultivating Your Career. The chapter contains practical tips and wisdom from industry insiders, including the mistakes that call center agents should avoid.

About the Author

Nelson T. Dy is an author and speaker on workplace, relationship and spirituality issues. He has written four books to date: Finding Comfort (2004), How to Mend a Broken Heart (2006), Your First Job: A Practical Guide to Success (2007) and Gintong Aklat award-winning The Honeymoon Never Ends (2010). Nelson also writes two columns, Career Roadmap for the Philippine STAR and It Makes Sense for the People’s Journal Tonight, both coming out every Sunday. He is a regular writer for Evangelicals Today, the official magazine of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC). Visit the author’s website at

What I Liked

I got acquainted early on with the story of Joseph–his multicolored coat, his dreams, and the trials he had to endure painful experiences in the hands of his brother, the wife of Potiphar, and how he managed to triumph against all these. I even watched the Prince of Egypt.

His life is full of lessons that also applies to how you build your career and your life. The principles that Nelson Dy shared are simple. We often raise eyebrows when we’re given simple “common sense” advice. But it’s the simple tips that are difficult to follow and apply.

I also like the nuggets of wisdom that each interview offers. The interviews provide a good overview of various career paths and how these experts thrived in their chosen career.

Who is this book for?

Nelson T. Dy is a Christian and it shows in the way he writes his book. But most of the principles he shared still apply to anyone willing t work hard and achieve lasting success, regardless of faith tradition (or the lack thereof).

The book is really best for people who have just accepted a job offer. New college graduates can also benefit from its wisdom but it’s not really a guide to getting the job you want.

To make the most out of this book, study the principles that Nelson Dy shared and look for ways to apply them in your life and career. You will greatly benefit from practicing these principles.

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Share your comments below.

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