Wanna share an insight from the Youth Specialties Blog written by author Chuck Bomar. The post is about why we need to reach out to College students. (The sub-headings are direct quotations but the comments are mine.)

1. High school graduates don’t feel a part of the larger church.

This is specially true for students from the provinces who study in the cities. They cannot integrate themselves into the local churches and so have to look for alternative sources for spiritual nourishment. If they find one, good. But most often than not, they don’t. It would be important then to go to the place where they can be found–in the campus.

2. The college-age stage of life is a transition stage.

College is a time for one’s life to get defined. It is during this time that youth get to realize their directions and live their lives for what they think best.

3. Higher education has changed thought processes.

College is really a time for youth to explore their world and move on to maturity. It is a difficult time for some but it is actually an important transition stage. If Christians with their message are there to help students in this transition, they will be able to navigate through this more easily.

Campus Ministry with, well…, College Students

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