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Podcasts are an awesome way to learn and be entertained. They could keep you company on a long drive, or when you’re stuck in traffic. They could also keep you entertained and laughing by yourself (though I wouldn’t recommend that when you’re in a public place.)

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Don’t worry if you feel like you’re a total newbie in listening to podcasts. There’s always a first time. But once you get the hang of it, you can easily do it over and over.

Follow along our screencast below and just do it step by step. You’ll learn how to listen to a podcast via Stitcher Radio in no time!

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I can’t help it. I’m a voracious reader. I read anything under the sun–from Admirals of the World War II to personal finance books. I’m also a big Sci-Fi and Fantasy reader. I’ve read the poetry of Lourd de Veyra and even the historical stuff of Ambeth Ocampo.

I can go on and on… but you get the drift.

Are you a reader, too?

There’s this great app that allows us to track our own library and the books we read: Goodreads. It has a website and Smartphone app.

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