How I Choose Books to Read

I’m a big reader, having read 40 books in 2014 as I revealed in a previous post. But how do I choose books to read, you may wonder.

I don’t really have a secret, but I do have several sources of great books to include in my reading list. Here’s how I choose the books that goes into my reading list.


Books exploring skills I want to acquire and topics (or genre for fiction) I’m interested in.

If I want to develop specific skills such as Mind mapping, Outlining, some people skills, my default mode of learning is to grab a book, read, read, read, and then look for actionable items.

Currently, my taste in fiction is in the area of post-apocalyptic works and Young Adult fiction. That’s why I enjoyed the Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins; Steelheart and Firefight, both from the Reckoners Series of Brandon Sanderson, and of course, I also read the first Percy Jackson series last year.

Since reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy back in College, (thanks in no small part to my friend Butch!), I am pretty sure that I’ll be reading Fantasy and Science Fiction for the rest of my life.

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I Read a Lot… Even When I’m in the Toilet…

Back in 2014, believe or not, I read a total of 40 books! Check out my Goodreads account here. Check out the following screenshot:


Oh yes. 40 books in a year! That’s 3.33 books per month. This year, I’m signing up for a bigger challenge: read 52 books for the whole year. That’s one book per week on average.

But here’s the rub. I read a lot. And I read every chance I got–while riding in the MRT, while waiting in line just about anywhere… yes, anywhere, like even in the toilet.

If you’re not a reader, you might ask me “WHY?”

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10 Tips to Make the Most Out of the Manila International Book Fair

The Manila International Book Fair is THE biggest event for bookworms in the Philippines! This year, it runs from September 17-21. If you haven’t gone there yet, here are 10 tips to help you make the most out of this event.

By the way, my book “May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic” (a book on leadership for young people), published by OMF Literature starts selling there. Its cover price is P75, but you’ll get a 30% discount. You’ll just have to pay P52.50 to grab a copy.

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Productive Pinoy: A Book Review

productivepinoyThe single most popular negative trait of Filipinos is perhaps the Manana Habit also known as the “mamaya na syndrome”.

The motto of chronic procrastinators seems to be “Why do today what you can do tomorrow!”

A lot of people could give lots of excuses. They’ll blame the traffic, the dog who ate their assignments, or the neighbor’s Videoke, which made them stay up late last night.

Seriously, we Pinoys need to cut back on those excuses and develop new sets of habits that will help us become a better people, better persons and more productive citizens. Just last night, I heard a radio show where the host said: “If you’re able bodied and still strong, there’s no excuse for you NOT to be productive and earn some money.”

Productive Pinoy,” written by Yeng Remulla explores the funny, and often embarrassing side of Pinoy unproductiveness, the barriers to success, and provides amazing tips to help boost Pinoy Productivity. Continue reading

Protips: As You Enter the Race

As a young professional, it’s but normal to seek advice from people who have been working for a longer time. It’s great to have conversations with them and learn from their experiences. That’s one of the best ways to prepare for your professional life.

In addition to face-to-face conversations, a book can also help you learn so many new things about your career and your life. That’s why here at PinoyYuppie, I want you to get a hold of some of the Filipino books that deal with the topic of work.

One of them is “Protips: As You Enter the Race.” by Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides.


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Book Review: Jumpstart your Career: The Handbook to Finding Your Dream Job

Car racers know one thing that could help them win–a turbo boost. Yeah, some cars have Nitrous Oxide and it’s been used as a good car racing video game paraphernalia or in the famous Fast and the Furious Franchise. Too bad, Paul Walker is no longer around to continue the franchise. 🙁
Building a career is a lot like driving–you can start slow or fast, depending on the car you have, the parts, fuel, and other consumables you possess, and of course, your skill as a driver. And it doesn’t hurt to have a career booster.
jumpstart-your-careerThe book “Jumpstart your Career” can give you a much needed boost as you start your career.

What the Book is All About

Prepared by and published by Summit Books, Jumpstart your Career provides important information about different jobs and career paths available in the market today. It shows which jobs are in demand, and which industries are growing in the Philippines.

It is divided into three sections:

The first section surveys the lay of the land–which jobs and industries are hot. The data provided in the book came from hundreds of thousands of job postings from companies in the Philippines. It also lists down the set of skills that are in demand in the market today.

The second section gives you an overview of the career paths you can pursue. While it doesn’t list the amount of salaries in these fields, you can get a glimpse of the kinds of jobs and the skills needed in each industry. This is valuable information that can help you plot your career growth plan.

Lastly, the third section gives you sound advice and practical tips on how to hunt down your dream job. From preparing your resume to handling your interview; from dress codes to job offers. By reading this section, you won’t be as clueless in job hunting.

Information is power, especially if you have it at the right time. Through this book, you can have a turbo-boost in preparing yourself to grab your dream job.

About the author

This book doesn’t have a single author, instead, it is prepared and published by, arguably, the number 1 online job board in the country today. is present in several countries including Malaysia and Singapore but their presence in the Philippines has certainly made job application a little bit easier. As a jobs board website, has lots and lots of data to draw on for the kind of information presented in this book.

Who is this book for

It’s for new College graduates who are eager to work. You might be nervous at this stage of your life. So even if you’re not eager to start working, you can still benefit from this book. Those who are having some difficulties in getting a job could benefit heavily from the information presented in this book.

How to Make the Most Out of This Book

Take notes. The advice presented in the last third of the book is extremely useful! It’s not just feel-good stuff, but they can help transform the way you look for a job. Keep this reference handy if you’re browsing jobs the old-fashioned way, you know, like when you are going through hundreds of classified ads in the Sunday edition of big name newspapers.


Jumpstart your Career: The Handbook to Finding Your Dream Job is available in major bookstores nationwide.

Book Review: Your First Job by Nelson Dy

When I graduated from College, I didn’t really know where to start. Some of my friends applied for work right away. Some to government positions, others to call centers, and a handful of us wanted to take some time off and figure out how to start this thing they call ‘career’.

I could’ve kissed anyone who gave me a book on starting my job on those first weeks of my being unemployed. (I was no longer a student, so I was probably one of those who are unemployed.)

Sadly, I didn’t have any book on starting a career. But don’t worry, here at we’ll feature books, lots of books, to help you in finding a job and in becoming an awesome worker.


Here’s the first batch of our Book Reviews. A book on how to build the right foundations when you start working:

Your First Job: A Practical Guide to Success
by Nelson T. Dy

196 pages
Published by OMF Literature
Available at major bookstores nationwide
PhP 195


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A Review of Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

About two weeks ago, I received a package from OMF Literature containing the most recent (new) book in my possession-Do Hard Things by twin teenagers Alex and Brett Harris. My first reaction was: “okay, here’s another pep talk for teens.” But as I went past the Introduction by Chuck Norris, the words of these twin teens (I like the sound of that) won me over.

They dissected the idea of youth and adolescence, traced the emergence and history of these terms and criticized its impact on this generation of teenagers. I liked the way they looked at the stories of great leaders and how they accomplished notable things even when they were still in their teens.

Too bad, the standards have dropped so low these days that not much is expected from teens except that they do the dishes and make their beds. More than that, the teens who, with minimal effort, rise up against these mediocre expectations are considered “Androids” and extraordinary because of the overall low expectations from teens. Continue reading