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She turned from me and wiped her eyes as the train sped away from the platform of Bambang LRT Station. Tears fell from her eyes, I’m sure of it. And my chest constricted. I looked up the ceiling of the station, trying hard to prevent tears from falling.

It must have been my wife’s monthly appointment with her OB-GYN. It’s the fourth month of the baby in her tummy.

And I could not be with her…

At the start of 2013, right before my son was born, I took a long, hard look at my pursuits and my priorities. I made the decision to streamline my commitments, simplify my life, and drop the ‘good commitments’ that prevent me from pursuing great ones.

I thought it would take me a few weeks to do it. But I was wrong. It took me more than 2 years to really do it. From time to time, I also had an over-commitment relapse. But thankfully, I have a wife who reminds me of what truly matters in my life.

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Going abroad for work didn’t appeal to me at all. It might have been some vague nationalist-idealistic bug that bit me in College. After graduation, I even thought that I’ll go back to our province and stay there for the greater good.

Neither did I entertain the prospect of working for a “mere call center” as I derisively called it on my graduation day in April 2003.

This May 2015, I will join the throng of almost 12 Million Filipinos working abroad. I’m going to Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States.

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Based on estimates made by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Information and Communication Technology Office, the number of online freelancers in the Philippines is close to a million! That’s a lot of online freelancers who are trying to find a living online.

The potential to earn a LOT is there. The market is here. The world recognizes the power of the Filipino freelancer.

if you want to try this path for yourself, read on. I can’t possibly cover every single thing that needs to be covered. But I will point you in the right direction.

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Guide to Getting a Promotion at Work

Posted by September 18, 2014

Aah… promotion. Some people just seem to know the secret to it while you may have been floundering in your current position for the longest time. Do you remember Randy from Episode 005 of the Happy Yuppie Podcast? He got promoted several times, he didn’t even complete a four-year course.

Here are several tips on how you could get a promotion at work.

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You’ve gone through the job hunt; negotiated your salary; went through the final interview and voila! You’ve just signed the contract. Welcome aboard! How do you go through the first few days in the office? Follow these simple tips to get you started. Attend the on-boarding training. Even if you’re a veteran employee, it wouldn’t hurt to attend the on-boarding training. Through this, you can…

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In the Philippines and even in other countries, getting a job is always a big challenge. It is easier for some people to land a job while others find it difficult. If you’re freshly out of college, or you’ve just resigned and looking forward to applying for another job, you gotta prepare for the job hunt! Research. Look for the right job for you. Do…

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You wanna know what the highest paid jobs in the Philippines are?, which is perhaps the number 1 jobs website in the country today, released five sets of infographics back in June 2013. This set of statistics may be a little old as things online tend to be, but it’s still a good indication of the stronger industries in the country today. Jobstreet has…

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I started working right after my College graduation in 2003. So many things have happened since then. I used to have a Nokia 3210 phone. (Ugh, remember those simple yet sturdy phones that just won’t die no matter how many times you drop ’em?) Ten years. Wow. I feel old. But a little wiser, at least. Here are ten life lessons I learned after College…

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