My Yuppie Story 3 – First Job, First Salary, First Phone, and Other Firsts

I graduated with a degree of BA Political Science from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, back in 2003. I started working in June 2003. That means, I’ve been in the workforce for 11 years. So, I decided to look back at my yuppie story and share it through this blog. This can be a pretty long series, so I hope you join me in this ride.

Part 1 is here: Into the Unknown
Part 2 is here: Into the Province

Three weeks after I went home from Quezon City, a lot of my boxes sat unopened in my room in San Mateo, Isabela. I was still high with idealism: I’m going to change the world. And I’ll start in that town, somehow.

Beyond that vague feeling, however, I had no idea what I would be doing next.

Still, it felt good to be home. (Cue music: Home by Daughtry)

Mama’s cooking is definitely miles ahead of anything that Jollibee or UP’s Lutong Bahay could offer me. My younger brother, who was then in Grade 2, was always there for me to tickle and play with. Papa was very busy with church work, but he was a strong and steady presence in my life at that stage that I was figuring out what I wanted to do.

Writing Down My Plans

Back in my second semester in College, I decided to keep a journal. I realized the importance of doing that, thanks to my Comm 1 teacher who “coerced” us to write 5 pages of loose leaf paper daily! I hated her that first semester. But after that sem, I changed my mind and thanked her, instead. (But that’s another story for another time.)

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Stay with Your Parents or Go Independent?

If you turn 18 in the United States and other developed countries, most people expect you to move out, strike out on your own, and make something of yourself.


In the Philippines, even after 18-single or married, with children or none, a lot of young adults still stay with their parents. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Extended families aren’t all that rare in the country.

There comes a time when you may think of moving out of your parents’ house. If you’re a new graduate, you will face this question sooner, especially if your parents’ house is within Metro Manila. Those of us who came from the provinces, well, we don’t really have a choice, do we?

To stay with the parents or to go independent? That is the question.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Apartment Closer to Your Workplace

Back in 2011, I considered going back to a corporate job. But thankfully, I got stuck in traffic from Quezon City to Makati for 2 friggin hours! So, I told myself, “if this is what I have to go through daily, then I’d rather not go back to a corporate job.”

Thankfully, my job allows me to work from home, so that’s a real blessing (but more about that in a separate post). That’s why I don’t commute a lot. If I can help it, I’d like to limit my activities to places where there are LRT1 stations nearby. If I bring my car, I want meetings to be held within 10 kilometers of my house. But twice a month, I do a co-hosting stint at Family Matters: a radio program at 702 DZAS.

If you’re a yuppie, then you know EDSA, MRT, buses, and traffic like the back of your hand. You spend 8 hours per day in the office, 9 if you included the one-hour lunch break. But what if your office is in Makati and you’re residing in Bulacan? Or Laguna? Or Marikina?


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18 Ways to Rediscover and Recapture Your Passion

It all starts with passion. Oftentimes, we are not aware of what we love doing. What makes you tick? What keeps you going and going like the Energizer Bunny? If you realize your passion, you become a dangerous person—you might just turn the world upside down!

Here are the eighteen ways for you to rediscover and recapture your passion.

1. Get a journal and chronicle what you think about for a whole day. Our thoughts reveal our interests and the things that we care about. If you jot down your thoughts, especially those that you keep going back to.

2. Take a look at the kinds of books in your shelf. What do you like to read? Is there a recurring topic or a pattern that emerge from your book collection?

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How to Survive Your First Week at Work

You’ve gone through the job hunt; negotiated your salary; went through the final interview and voila! You’ve just signed the contract. Welcome aboard!

How do you go through the first few days in the office? Follow these simple tips to get you started.


Attend the on-boarding training. Even if you’re a veteran employee, it wouldn’t hurt to attend the on-boarding training. Through this, you can learn about the organizational culture, the dos and don’ts of the company as well as the various requirements of your job. The on-boarding training allows you to get an overview of the company you’ve just signed up for. Along the way, you may come to understand if you’ve made a mistake in signing up with them or not.

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How to Survive Office Politics

Office politics may well be the reason why some employees never get promoted. It may also be one of the top reasons why employees resign from their jobs. How can you deal with it? Is it possible to do away with office politics?


Here are some tips on how to survive office politics.

Clarify goals and expectations. Write down your goals and expectations from the office. It helps to clarify your expectations to avoid disappointments and even heartaches.

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How to Enjoy Your Days Off

Have you ever worked nonstop for at least two weeks? Do you remember how stressed you were and things didn’t seem to work out?

“All work and no play makes you dull,” so they say. It’s true! I’ve been in situations where I go to work at 10am and leave at 11pm! I did it straight for ten days. By the eleventh day, I had to call in sick and work (minimally) from home.


You should have off days, they are extremely important in your work-life balance and in ensuring that you have enough energy for more work. Too often though, people fill their off days with more activities that they barely have room to breathe! Here are the top four things you should do on your off days.

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Listen to Protips and Grow as a Young Professional

Do you want to grow professionally? Are you investing in yourself so you could become more excellent each day?

I’ve been looking for some resources for professional growth lately. While there may be a lot of foreign books, blogs, and podcasts on professional growth and development, we definitely lack Pinoy professional growth resources online.

That’s why if you want to grow professionally and spiritually, I heartily recommend listening to and reading Protips daily. Here are 3 simple reasons.

1. Protips is short and sweet.

Protips is being aired at 702DZAS every morning. And it’s only 5 minutes. You can either listen to it while combing your hair, putting on your shoes or while traveling (in a bus, in the MRT, or in your car).

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5 Steps to Prepare for the Job Hunt

In the Philippines and even in other countries, getting a job is always a big challenge. It is easier for some people to land a job while others find it difficult. If you’re freshly out of college, or you’ve just resigned and looking forward to applying for another job, you gotta prepare for the job hunt!

job_huntResearch. Look for the right job for you. Do what you are passionate about! If you apply at a job that you hardly care about, then you will just end up becoming a mediocre performer. Discover your passion, your gifts, your skills and your talents—these could help you land at your dream job!

Mindset. Job hunt is a highly competitive process. Prepare your mind for action! Other people are also out to get the job you are applying for. If you do not outprepare and out-perform them, you lose! So get on the champion mindset and start telling yourself you’re the greatest professional in the world!

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Book Review: Jumpstart your Career: The Handbook to Finding Your Dream Job

Car racers know one thing that could help them win–a turbo boost. Yeah, some cars have Nitrous Oxide and it’s been used as a good car racing video game paraphernalia or in the famous Fast and the Furious Franchise. Too bad, Paul Walker is no longer around to continue the franchise. 🙁
Building a career is a lot like driving–you can start slow or fast, depending on the car you have, the parts, fuel, and other consumables you possess, and of course, your skill as a driver. And it doesn’t hurt to have a career booster.
jumpstart-your-careerThe book “Jumpstart your Career” can give you a much needed boost as you start your career.

What the Book is All About

Prepared by and published by Summit Books, Jumpstart your Career provides important information about different jobs and career paths available in the market today. It shows which jobs are in demand, and which industries are growing in the Philippines.

It is divided into three sections:

The first section surveys the lay of the land–which jobs and industries are hot. The data provided in the book came from hundreds of thousands of job postings from companies in the Philippines. It also lists down the set of skills that are in demand in the market today.

The second section gives you an overview of the career paths you can pursue. While it doesn’t list the amount of salaries in these fields, you can get a glimpse of the kinds of jobs and the skills needed in each industry. This is valuable information that can help you plot your career growth plan.

Lastly, the third section gives you sound advice and practical tips on how to hunt down your dream job. From preparing your resume to handling your interview; from dress codes to job offers. By reading this section, you won’t be as clueless in job hunting.

Information is power, especially if you have it at the right time. Through this book, you can have a turbo-boost in preparing yourself to grab your dream job.

About the author

This book doesn’t have a single author, instead, it is prepared and published by, arguably, the number 1 online job board in the country today. is present in several countries including Malaysia and Singapore but their presence in the Philippines has certainly made job application a little bit easier. As a jobs board website, has lots and lots of data to draw on for the kind of information presented in this book.

Who is this book for

It’s for new College graduates who are eager to work. You might be nervous at this stage of your life. So even if you’re not eager to start working, you can still benefit from this book. Those who are having some difficulties in getting a job could benefit heavily from the information presented in this book.

How to Make the Most Out of This Book

Take notes. The advice presented in the last third of the book is extremely useful! It’s not just feel-good stuff, but they can help transform the way you look for a job. Keep this reference handy if you’re browsing jobs the old-fashioned way, you know, like when you are going through hundreds of classified ads in the Sunday edition of big name newspapers.


Jumpstart your Career: The Handbook to Finding Your Dream Job is available in major bookstores nationwide.