Is the Church Still Relevant to Filipino Youth?

Let’s hit on a rather unorthodox and uncomfortable topic. Do you think the church is still relevant to the lives of young people in this generation? I admit there are times that I would rather connect to the internet than go to church.I would rather read a novel or an inspirational nonfiction than listen to a looong sermon that does not speak to me. Yeah, I know I’m guilty of sometimes wanting to establish a Bedside church. You know, you just worship on the side of your bed. Continue reading

Bible Study: Jonathan and David

Jonathan and David: Birds, Arrowheads, War, and a Father’s Wrath

Birds of the same feather are the same birds, especially if they go to the same places, hang out at the same restaurants, play the same games, and even look alike together. Yet these birds of the same birds also make good feather-dusters if they fail to remain true to their friendship.

With this session, we will look at a very strong friendship that even family feuds and kingdom rivalry could not stop. David and Jonathan are two birds with different feathers yet they are true and loyal friends to the end. Continue reading

Daniel and God: food, wine, kings, lions and everything in between

A youth group in Deparo, Caloocan City has recently asked me to write a Bible study for their youth camp this May.Being the youth friendly guy that I am, I willingly obliged. They were asking only for one but I wrote three. Heheh. I’m sharing these study guides for you. Feel free to copy and use these Bible studies. All I’m asking is for you to acknowledge that these bible studies were written by Mighty C. Rasing. Continue reading