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Podcasts from the Philippines that I Listen To… [2017 Edition]

I love listening to podcasts. They help me learn new things about our world and they also entertain me some. Read my post on how to subscribe to podcasts if you have not done so yet.

Here’s a list of the podcasts from the Philippines, or by Filipinos that I listen to. I provide a sentence of two of what I like about them and links to some of the best episodes I have listened to.

I had a podcast back in 2014 and it ran until I moved to the United States in early 2015. There were only a handful of us, independent podcasters. Sure, there are several radio programs made available as podcasts such as “Good Times with Mo,” and some Love Radio programs. But I am glad that there are more and more podcasts that came out since 2015. Here’s a list of the home grown podcasts that I listen to.

The Over-Committed Person’s Guide to Streamlining Commitments & Simplifying Life

She turned from me and wiped her eyes as the train sped away from the platform of Bambang LRT Station. Tears fell from her eyes, I’m sure of it. And my chest constricted. I looked up the ceiling of the station, trying hard to prevent tears from falling.

It must have been my wife’s monthly appointment with her OB-GYN. It’s the fourth month of the baby in her tummy.

And I could not be with her…

At the start of 2013, right before my son was born, I took a long, hard look at my pursuits and my priorities. I made the decision to streamline my commitments, simplify my life, and drop the ‘good commitments’ that prevent me from pursuing great ones.

I thought it would take me a few weeks to do it. But I was wrong. It took me more than 2 years to really do it. From time to time, I also had an over-commitment relapse. But thankfully, I have a wife who reminds me of what truly matters in my life.

10 Ways to Achieve Your Annual Goals in the Last 4 Months of the Year

You were so excited when you set your goals for this year: exercise more, lose weight, earn more money, save more money, be happier, etc. But as usually happens, the busyness of life caught up with you and before you knew it, the middle of the year came and went.

Then you suddenly realize that you barely have 4 months left for the year!

Panic mode ON!

How can you ever catch up with everything that needs to be done? Can you catch up on your goals even with only 120 days left for this year?

The good news is you can still do a lot of things within 4 months. But the bad news is, you really need to work hard.

If you’re the persistent type, however and you just couldn’t sit down and wait to fail, then you can easily pull yourself together and make one big push to achieve your goals for this year.

image credit: Indeed via GettyImages

Here are 10 ways to achieve your annual goals in the last four months of the year.

My Yuppie Story 3 – First Job, First Salary, First Phone, and Other Firsts

I graduated with a degree of BA Political Science from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, back in 2003. I started working in June 2003. That means, I’ve been in the workforce for 11 years. So, I decided to look back at my yuppie story and share it through this blog. This can be a pretty long series, so I hope you join me in this ride.

Part 1 is here: Into the Unknown
Part 2 is here: Into the Province

Three weeks after I went home from Quezon City, a lot of my boxes sat unopened in my room in San Mateo, Isabela. I was still high with idealism: I’m going to change the world. And I’ll start in that town, somehow.

Beyond that vague feeling, however, I had no idea what I would be doing next.

Still, it felt good to be home. (Cue music: Home by Daughtry)

Mama’s cooking is definitely miles ahead of anything that Jollibee or UP’s Lutong Bahay could offer me. My younger brother, who was then in Grade 2, was always there for me to tickle and play with. Papa was very busy with church work, but he was a strong and steady presence in my life at that stage that I was figuring out what I wanted to do.

Writing Down My Plans

Back in my second semester in College, I decided to keep a journal. I realized the importance of doing that, thanks to my Comm 1 teacher who “coerced” us to write 5 pages of loose leaf paper daily! I hated her that first semester. But after that sem, I changed my mind and thanked her, instead. (But that’s another story for another time.)

Listen to Protips and Grow as a Young Professional

Do you want to grow professionally? Are you investing in yourself so you could become more excellent each day?

I’ve been looking for some resources for professional growth lately. While there may be a lot of foreign books, blogs, and podcasts on professional growth and development, we definitely lack Pinoy professional growth resources online.

That’s why if you want to grow professionally and spiritually, I heartily recommend listening to and reading Protips daily. Here are 3 simple reasons.

1. Protips is short and sweet.

Protips is being aired at 702DZAS every morning. And it’s only 5 minutes. You can either listen to it while combing your hair, putting on your shoes or while traveling (in a bus, in the MRT, or in your car).

If you can’t listen on air, you can always take a quick visit on Facebook, Ms. Maloi M. Salumbides uploads each and every episode on the Protips Facebook Page every morning. Not only that, there is a nice infographic accompanying each episode.