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The Over-Committed Person’s Guide to Streamlining Commitments & Simplifying Life

She turned from me and wiped her eyes as the train sped away from the platform of Bambang LRT Station. Tears fell from her eyes, I’m sure of it. And my chest constricted. I looked up the ceiling of the station, trying hard to prevent tears from falling.

It must have been my wife’s monthly appointment with her OB-GYN. It’s the fourth month of the baby in her tummy.

And I could not be with her…

At the start of 2013, right before my son was born, I took a long, hard look at my pursuits and my priorities. I made the decision to streamline my commitments, simplify my life, and drop the ‘good commitments’ that prevent me from pursuing great ones.

I thought it would take me a few weeks to do it. But I was wrong. It took me more than 2 years to really do it. From time to time, I also had an over-commitment relapse. But thankfully, I have a wife who reminds me of what truly matters in my life.

I Still Suck at Goodbyes…

As a Pastor’s Kid, I am no stranger to goodbyes. As a five-year old boy, I remember saying goodbye to neighbors and playmates in Dasmarinas, Cavite as my father graduated from the Union Theological Seminary and we moved back to our province in Isabela. I can no longer remember the names of my playmates and our neighbors then. Since then, I’ve experienced constant moving–from one church parsonage to another, from one set of playmates and neighbors to new ones every two years or so.

I don’t really have childhood friends that I still hangout with today. They’ve all been relegated to the dustbins of my past movings, almost forgotten except for the occasional remembrance and passing glance at Facebook. Though we may chat every now and then online, it’s just not the same, we feel the weight of the distant years between us.

My wife, though, has two bestfriends that have stuck with her since Grade School. Last week, they got together for dinner, together with the kids that they now have. Sometimes I wonder what that is like–having a friend who knows you inside out, who could remember every single embarrassing moment of your life, and who would know just by a single glance what you think and how you feel.

But such indulgence isn’t really available for a lot of us, Pastor’s Kids.

On Names and Stories that Make Up Life

My name is Mighty. Nope, that’s not my nickname. It’s not my pseudonym either. It’s the name my father and mother gave me when they brought me into this world. It’s the name printed on my birth certificate.

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Weird. I know.

So weird that my name is attached to dozens of products: Mighty Kid Shoes, Mighty Mouse cartoons, Mighty Cigarette, Mighty Bond, Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Mighty Katol, Mighty whatever. Thankfully, nobody thought of putting my name on feminine napkins.

But one of the upside of having a weird name? It’s a conversation starter. And for an introvert like me, I need something like that.

I probably met only three people with the same name as mine. One of them even had a weird spelling; Mightee. That’s even weirder than my name. My name is often misspelled by Starbucks baristas; Migthy, Maydee, Maytee, My-T. How much more if my parents played with the spelling of my name?

While being interviewed by a US immigration officer at Detroit airport in the US, he said that he expected a man with “Mighty” for a name to be big, strong, and well… Mighty. But I told him that I’m an average Filipino and retorted that perhaps I could just be mighty in other things. We laughed. And while waiting for my baggage at the carousel area, I thought about my name and how I could really live up to it. 

4 Social Media Habits that Could Hurt Your Career

Can you still live in a world without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube?

That’s kinda difficult to imagine right?

These technologies have pervaded our lives that the first thing we reach out for in the morning is our Smartphones. We even fight sleep as we promise ourselves just one more peek at our favorite Social Media accounts.

These social media networks have also become part of our work. We love to post our traffic rants on Twitter, we post cryptic messages about an annoying officemate on Facebook, and we check in to restaurants and offices through Foursquare or Facebook places.

Here are some Social Media habits may be hurting your career. Which of the following habits do you almost unconsciously do?

Social media communication concept
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10 Ways to Achieve Your Annual Goals in the Last 4 Months of the Year

You were so excited when you set your goals for this year: exercise more, lose weight, earn more money, save more money, be happier, etc. But as usually happens, the busyness of life caught up with you and before you knew it, the middle of the year came and went.

Then you suddenly realize that you barely have 4 months left for the year!

Panic mode ON!

How can you ever catch up with everything that needs to be done? Can you catch up on your goals even with only 120 days left for this year?

The good news is you can still do a lot of things within 4 months. But the bad news is, you really need to work hard.

If you’re the persistent type, however and you just couldn’t sit down and wait to fail, then you can easily pull yourself together and make one big push to achieve your goals for this year.

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Here are 10 ways to achieve your annual goals in the last four months of the year.

What Does It Take to be a Hero?

August 25 is the National Heroes Day in the Philippines. This holiday honors the Filipinos who have made a significant difference in the country throughout the years. Although, most heroes are known for their efforts in resisting foreign colonizers such as Spain, the United States, and Japan.

Since we no longer have colonizers and we are not in a state of war, how can we become contemporary heroes? In this article, we’ll explore several ways to become heroes in our own right.

As yuppies, we are busy with work (what else), with partying after work, and some of us are busy in supporting families: siblings going to College or parents with illness. Overseas Filipino Workers are already considered “Bagong Bayani” (New Heroes) because of their sacrifices and because of the money they are sending to the country. For several years now, they’ve been greatly contributing to the GNP and financial records of the country.

How about the rest of us?

Here are several tips on how we can become heroes.


A Letter to my 21-year old self (Chronicles of a corporate employee)

Note from Mighty: Hey yuppies, I’d like to welcome Randy Jay Burgos as one of our contributors. He’s been featured in our podcast in episode 005. Go ahead and listen to that episode to learn more about him. Awesome guy, who’s working in Malaysia right now. Welcome to the blog Randy!



Dear Randy.

Hello there, young man!

A few days ago, you celebrated your 21st birthday, a boy’s age of true manhood, as society often says. From this point onward, whatever you do with your life will greatly influence WHO I AM NOW. Yes, I am your 31 year old self, and I am going to tell you what is about to happen in the next 10 years of your life.

I know you have so much fear in your heart: fear of the unknown, fear of your future and of what is yet to come. But do not be afraid. Instead, hold on to these verse, because you will see it being fulfilled.

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who trusts in Him” — Psalms 34:8

For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. — Psalms 84:11

But first, let me tell you that I acknowledge your fears. They are real. I am aware that after 18 months of being paid below minimum wage by the company which absorbed you from OJT (your first job), you were fired. You went through 7 months of being unemployed right after. Those  frustrating  months revealed how hard it is to get a decent job because most companies are looking for graduates of 4-year courses and recognized universities. While you only finished a 3-year Vocational course.

But life ahead of you is exciting. What you consider as your disadvantage will lead you towards success. And in the next 10 years, your career will undergo transformation.

My Yuppie Story 4: The Cloverleaf of Dreams: Going Back to Manila

After resigning from my teaching job by April 2004, I looked at several opportunities in the province. My father, who was assigned to a church in Quezon City offered to take me with him. I’ll have a house to stay in, food, and a couple of other amenities.

I told him no.

I applied as College instructor at two campuses of our State University. Did my teaching demo and had some interviews.

In both cases, I knew that I performed well in the exams, in the demo teaching, and even in projecting a confident and competent professional. I’m a UP graduate, after all.

So I waited, and waited… and waited some more.