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Commitment and Creativity

Posted by November 21, 2016

“Commit to make something you love and you will find that the needed supplies come to hand…. Those who create for love–like the devotees who practice their spiritual tradition with ardor–give off a certain undefinable something that is attractive, and it attracts them their good.

“Faith moves mountains, and when we see art as an act of faith, then we begin to see that when we commit to our art, mountains may indeed be moved as a path becomes clear…. Art is a matter of commitment.”

– Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

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Creative Energy

Posted by November 20, 2016

“Creative energy is energy. When we are writing about creating instead if actually creating, we are wasting our creative energy. When we are vacillating, we are letting air out of our tires. Our pickup is not speeding down the road and may never even get out of the driveway. Or project goes flat.” – Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

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Along EDSA— My journey’s interrupted By every sudden brake. Stopping On every street, every traffic light. My life (here atop the Santolan flyover) is going down Into the waiting mouth of Cubao. I’m so hungry. But inside this bus, like rag on a clothes line Along EDSA where the plants and trees have died, It’s hot. And humid. My insides are on fire. Sweat pours…

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Panaglibas a Mapan Mars

Posted by June 22, 2016

Here’s an Ilokano poem about escaping to Mars. I wanted to experiment on the themes of space exploration, of Noah’s ark, and the denuding of Philippine forests, with some of my favorite metal bands in the background.

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“If mortality is our first and last problem, the need to say farewell is continuous. Death is the mother of beauty; poetry is a valediction forbidding mourning.”

– David Lehman, from the Foreword, Best American Poetry 2015

Mortality and Poetry

“A poem is not a straightforward article; is meaning is not self-evident; it can be ambiguous, and if it is, it is dangerous, the more so at a time when the “sensitivities” of special interest groups play a decisive part in limiting free speech on campus and everywhere else.”
– David Lehman, from the Foreword of Best American Poetry 2015.


A poem is dangerous…

Box Full of Crayons

Posted by January 31, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve written an English poem. These days, I almost always write poems in my native tongue, Ilocano. Since I’ll be a certified daddy real soon. (You see, my wife is scheduled to deliver our baby in a month’s time!) So, I found the following poem from my first ever poetry blog. It’s about a baby boy holding crayons that brings…

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