A Simple Time Management System in Six Easy Steps

For some time, I looked for a time management system that’s easy to implement and will help me do more without becoming a sleep-deprived zombie. So far, I’ve covered David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and the Pomodoro Technique. We go back to basics with this simple time management system developed by Chet Holmes, who is the author of the best-selling book “The Ultimate Sales Machine.” He is also a top karate martial artist, corporate trainer and business consultant.

Chet Holmes’ basic time management system is built on the mindset that time management should be simple and uncomplicated. It’s funny, how he wrote about a time management seminar he attended where the speaker told them to track how they use their time for three months! He couldn’t believe his ears! He just rolled his eyes, gathered his things and left the seminar! Since then, he went on to devise a simple time management system that he could use in managing his businesses.

  1.  Touch it once.
  2. Make lists.
  3. Plan how much time you will allocate to each task.
  4. Plan the day.
  5. Prioritize.
  6. Ask yourself, “will it hurt me to throw this away?”

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Use the Pomodoro Technique to Get More Done in 25-Minute Chunks

I came across the Pomodoro Technique back in November 2009. Pomodoro is the Italian word for tomato and there are several tomato kitchen timers. This is what inspired Francesca Pirillo in coming up with this productivity technique. It goes against the popular notion that multitasking can help you accomplish more things in a shorter period of time.

The Pomodoro technique is built upon the notion that you should do one thing and only one thing at a time. More specifically, you should only do one thing in every 25 minutes. No multitasking. Minimize distractions.


How does it work?

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Can You Implement David Allen’s Getting Things Done?

I like reading and thinking about time management and productivity. I’ve read this book and although it seems a bit complicated, it offers many practical tips that we can implement in our daily work lives.

David Allen GTDGetting Things Done by David Allen is perhaps one of the most comprehensive time management system available. He has written a 267-page book detailing all the processes you need to implement with the Getting Things Done system.

We are beset with so many things in our daily work lives. Just take a look at your own workplace, the demands imposed by your boss, the number of emails you have to answer, in short, you are harried from all corners by the so many time management woes!

David Allen began his book by describing what “Stuff” is. Not surprisingly, we do have lots of stuff in our personal and professional lives! If you do not manage stuff, you will inundated by so many impossible demands and you will live a clutter-full life!

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