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Category: Quotes

Commitment and Creativity

“Commit to make something you love and you will find that the needed supplies come to hand…. Those who create for love–like the devotees who practice their spiritual tradition with ardor–give off a certain undefinable something that is attractive, and it attracts them their good.

“Faith moves mountains, and when we see art as an act of faith, then we begin to see that when we commit to our art, mountains may indeed be moved as a path becomes clear…. Art is a matter of commitment.”

– Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

Open Awareness, Creativity, & Daydreaming

Open awareness creates a mental platform for creative breakthroughs and unexpected insights. In open awareness we have no devil’s advocate, no cynicism or judgment–just utter receptivity to whatever floats into the mind.

But once we’ve hit upon a creative insight, we need to capture the prize by switching to a keen focus on how to apply it. Serendipity comes with openness to possibility, then homing in on putting it to use.

Life’s creative challenges rarely come in the form of well-formulated puzzles. Instead we often have to recognize the very need to find a creative solution in the first place. Chance, as Louis Pasteur put it, favors a prepared mind. Daydreaming incubates creative discovery.

– Daniel Goleman, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

On Stories

After basic sustenance, relationships, and shelter, stories are what people want most. – Sean Platt, Writer Dad