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Creative Energy

Posted by November 20, 2016

“Creative energy is energy. When we are writing about creating instead if actually creating, we are wasting our creative energy. When we are vacillating, we are letting air out of our tires. Our pickup is not speeding down the road and may never even get out of the driveway. Or project goes flat.” – Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

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How I Got Started in Writing

Posted by September 28, 2016

Like most diligent High School students, I was part of our school paper. I was even the Editor-in-Chief right before I graduated. I even dabbled in some, rather cheesy, poetry… you know, the kind that you write for a girl you like. Thankfully, there’s evidence that such cheesy poems existed ever.

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and the writing continues…

Posted by February 26, 2013

I’m working on the edits and revisions of Chapter 5 of my book. You know that feeling that you just feel overwhelmed with the many things that you want to say, you end up feeling that you’re really saying anything good at all? I planned to complete the full chapter 5 and 6 yesterday. But I guess, I just didn’t have the energy and the…

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Dammed Words

Posted by January 10, 2013

I’m now working on the fourth draft of my book project: StartUP. It is tough. The act of writing, in itself is already tough. How much more when you look at your third draft and realize that it’s not up to the standards yet. Ugh. And so, I find myself working on the fourth draft. But the words won’t flow. The ideas are there, crystallized…

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