Cry Out to Jesus!

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Bible Study for October 28, 2012

Read: Mark 10:46-52

Ang Kwento ni Bartimaeus

May kilala ka bang Bartimaeus ang pangalan? Parang hindi bagay sa generation ngayon no? Parang Bartolome, pangalan ng lolo yun. Pero kung Bart, pwede! Bart is cool!

One day, Jesus was busy walking, preaching, telling people about the Kingdom of God. Nasa Jericho sila nun. Kasama niya yung mga disciples niya, and they were preparing to leave the city.

Siempre, nung mga time na yun sikat si Jesus. Everybody knew him. So maraming sumunod, parang celebrity na pinaligiran ng paparazzi. Parang politikong may dalang pagkain para sa feeding program.

And then all of a sudden, may sumigaw! “Jesus, son of David, have pity on me!”

Yung ibang tao naman, busy sa pagsunod kay Jesus, sabi nila, “HOY! Tumahimik ka!” Siguro dahil di nila marinig si Jesus. O kaya, nahihiya sila na maiistorbo si Jesus. O baka naman gusto lang nila ng katahimikan. Na walang gumugulo. Na walang panggulo.

Pero sumigaw pa rin si Bart. “Jesus, son of David, have pity on me!”

And then, napansin siya ni Jesus. Pinalapit siya ni Jesus, and then pinagaling sa kanyang pagkabulag!

What’s your blindness?

Lahat tayo may blindness. Some of us admit it. Some of us, don’t! Si Bartimaeus, alam niya na bulag siya. Alam niya na wala namang mawawala sa kanya kung tatawag siya kay Jesus. Alam din niya na makapangyarihan si Jesus.

So he called out. He cried out with a loud voice!

May tawag diyan. KSP! Kulang sa Pansin! The people who need help, may karapatan silang maging KSP! Because they need help! Look what happened to Bart after he called out to Jesus? Anong ginawa ni Jesus? Pinalapit at pinagaling.

Similarly, when we call out to Jesus, he hears us, and heals us!

Are You Crying Out to Jesus?

When Jesus touches your heart. And heals you. You can’t help it. You’ll follow that person!
Remember when your father or mother gave you a coin, or something, you were willing to clean up the whole house!

Questions for discussion?

1. Who are the “KSP” people in our society today?
2. Anong help ang kailangan ng maraming KSP sa bansa natin ngayon? Physical suffering ba ang mga ito? Mental or Emotional problems kaya?
3. Si Bart, walang paningin pero nakakapagsalita, kaya siya tumawag kay Jesus. How about those who have no voice?


Our sense of sight depends on light. Jesus is the light of the world. And He enables us to see the world, not from our own blindness but through His light. Reflect on the following song as you cry out to God.

If, for some reasons, you can’t watch the video, please go to this link:

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