I’m now working on the fourth draft of my book project: StartUP. It is tough. The act of writing, in itself is already tough. How much more when you look at your third draft and realize that it’s not up to the standards yet. Ugh. And so, I find myself working on the fourth draft.
But the words won’t flow. The ideas are there, crystallized in my notebook, yet, they just wouldn’t flow. It does feel like I’m getting rusty.

And the words don’t flow.

So, why am I writing this book again?

Without the words, I won’t be able to communicate and impact the lives of young people whose potentials are there, waiting to be discovered. We are a young country, the median age is currently at 23.1. We are literate. And young people have tremendous opportunities waiting for them, if they would only realize their potentials. But as the kuya and ate’s of these young people, we have the responsibility to help them get started with their careers, and their lives. It’s never easy to start. But it’s even more difficult to restart and get in the mood again.

Ten days into 2013 and I’m still having a difficult time catching up with all the writing that I need to do. Well, I’m hoping that these notes on the writing process will help me out. The ambience of UP Technohub also helps. Right in the center of BPO industry, where young professionals come and go. Where young urbanites like me try to write and make sense of our lives.

So hey, this journal may be rambling. But I like it that way. It can help unleash the dammed words. Dammed sounds like damned. LOL. So, as I write this book, I want to focus on my own experience as a fresh graduate and how I dealt with my own plans, my uncertainties and anxieties. Not easy. But I want to recreate that feeling, the emotions, the fear, and the excitement of those first years.

And I will also go back to my own experience, how I went through those experiences. The chapters of the book would be like a series of blog posts with several tips and tricks for the new graduates. It needs to be fun and engaging for maximum impact!

Remember, blog-type writing!

Dammed Words

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