A youth group in Deparo, Caloocan City has recently asked me to write a Bible study for their youth camp this May.Being the youth friendly guy that I am, I willingly obliged. They were asking only for one but I wrote three. Heheh. I’m sharing these study guides for you. Feel free to copy and use these Bible studies. All I’m asking is for you to acknowledge that these bible studies were written by Mighty C. Rasing.Each Bible Study session has several parts. The session starts with a brief introduction of what the topic is. The short introduction is followed by Storm Your Brains, which is meant to be a way to stimulate discussion and get the young people talking about the topic at hand. The facilitator or bible study leader should encourage discussion and make sure that the young people start talking on the questions being posed.

Spiritual Message for your Spirit (SMS)is a discussion on the biblical passages that are the bases of the study. Encourage young people to read and understand the passages. This way, they will develop appreciation for the bible. There are two groups that will take a look at different passages. The facilitator or bible study leader should allow open and intelligent discussion among young people before gathering them back to the big group.

When the big group meets again, you should discuss the Q & A Portion. This Bible Study relies heavily on the participation of the young people. So discussion should be encouraged at all times. If one person is already dominating the discussion, then other young people should be encouraged to speak.

The Text Message is a concise summary of the lessons that could be learned from the bible passages. Yet, meaningful discussion could also generate these same lessons.

Me, Myself, and I refers to the application part of the study where the young people are expected to apply the lessons they learned from the study session while Act It Out is the creative output of the participants in response to the bible study.

Here’s the Bible Study

Our lives are interconnected. Whether you like it or not, you belong to a community and you have different kinds of relationships. These relationships define who we are and the way that we deal with people around us. The nature of our relationships is explored in these Bible Study sessions. Through these sessions, we will explore the nature of relationships and the different characteristics of meaningful relationships.

As Christian youth, the foremost relationship in our lives is the one we have with God. Let’s take a look at the life of one person who prioritized his relationship with God against all odds and challenges.

Storm Your Brains

1. How do you view God?2. On a score card of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how much do you prioritize God in your schedule? How?3. What makes a good relationship with God?

Spiritual Message for your Spirit (SMS)

Divide the group in two and study the following passages from the Book of Daniel. Keep in mind as you read the passages that we want to discover several features and characteristics of the nature of Daniel’s relationship with God.

Group 1: Eat, drink, and be merry: What about God? Read Daniel 1: 3-20

Group 2: A Date with the Human Lions, the Tamed Lions, and the Lion of Judah Read Daniel 6

Q & A

1. What was the conflict that Daniel faced?2. How did he respond?3. What happened in the end?4. What is the price of obedience?

Text Message

Based on a reading of our texts, we see several features of Daniel’s relationship with God.Daniel loved God above all and he showed it! He chose not to eat forbidden food even if the steward warned him that the king might get angry. He chose to continue praying and worshipping God even if it meant his death.God is faithful to those who love Him. He pours blessings to the people who obey Him. He keeps them safe and grants them.

Me, Myself, and I

As a young Christian, what are the wine, food, and temptations that draw me away from my relationship with God?How can I be like Daniel and prioritize God?

Act It Out

Grab a paper and a pen or a pencil and compose a poem or an artwork showing how you can enhance your relationship with God.

Daniel and God: food, wine, kings, lions and everything in between

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