Amazingly, there’s Wi-Fi access here at the Carwash service I chose along Quirino Avenue near San Jose del Monte Bulacan. The van needs cleaning! Ugh. Quite a number of bugs courageously beat against my windshield last night as we traversed the SCTEX from Victoria, Tarlac.Technically, it was morning already when we passed through SCTEX. Together with Earlie and Aaron (national leaders of the Methodist Youth), I went to Victoria to deliver a talk on youth leadership. I talked to about 30-40 youth on what it means to be a leader. To make my talk interesting, I didn’t simply present principles of leadership. Instead, I drew upon the story of John Wesley’s life from his childhood, his life as founder and member of the Holy Club at Oxford University to his career as an itinerant preacher and founder of a movement. Alongside John Wesley, I also presented the life of Nelson Mandela and how he became instrumental in ending apartheid in South Africa.My talk was done at about 9:15 in the evening. But I shared coffee time with the national leaders who are also my friends. We ended up leaving Tarlac at 12 midnight. Whew. I was sleepy while driving. Thankfully, Aaron and Earlie kept me company. I arrived home (at Tala, Caloocan City) by 3:30 AM. Exhausted and wanting to simply get some rest.But I didn’t have a good day’s rest today. I had another presentation to make at the Greenhills Christian Fellowship Celebrate Family Conference. They asked me to speak on the Internet being a Friend or Foe. I presented it twice. (Thankfully, ate Mariross might have memorized the stories I told because she was present at both sessions. :))Session was great and Mike (a young leader from Good Samaritan UMC) was a good assistant. He recorded my talk via Audacity. I gotta get that uploaded pretty soon.It’s almost 8 pm. Just waiting for the van to get washed. Am tired. Sleepy. A bit hungry. But loving all the stuff I’m doing. It’s really good to be in the business of equipping youth and young leaders for their leadership positions and the challenges in their ministries.It’s been a great weekend for me! Looking forward to what next week will bring. 🙂