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Here are additional books, blogs, and resources you can check out in relation to Chapter 4 of “Start Up: Find your place. Engage the world. Sustain your life.” These are great resources on the subject of identity and personality. Whenever possible, we’ve also included the places where you can a copy of these resources online and off.

Blogs & Websites

Job-hunting websites:

1. http://Jobstreet.com.ph
2. http://JobsDB.com.ph
3. http://Bestjobs.ph
4. http://Trabaho.com
5. http://WorkAbroad.ph

These websites list all jobs available according to categories. You can then browse related jobs together and understand the skills needed for any job.


This website is operated by the Department of Labor and Employment. It lists the top jobs in demand in the country right now. While the listings may be limited compared to commercial job hunt websites, Phil-job.net will help you look at potential career paths you may take.


Jumpstart Your Career: The Handbook to Finding Your Dream Job by Jobstreet.com

Jobstreet.com has dominated the online job search industry in the Philippines. Literally millions of people are in its job-seeker directory and thousands of companies offer jobs in its portals. With this book, they have come out with an introductory information on the different industries and career paths available for the new Filipino graduate. The book also offers valuable advice on how to get the job you want. Available via National Bookstore and other major Filipino bookstores.


Got other resources?

Feel free to share with us other resources you may come across so others can benefit from those.


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