After two years of avoiding Booksale and other bargain bookstores, I finally kicked out my most expensive vice: buying books. I have also given away, probably close to 200 books because our house can no longer contain them.

I may have stopped buying lots of “physical” books, but I still have lots and lots of ebooks–a lot of them came from friends and from… you know, the Intarnetz.

I can’t help it. I’m a voracious reader. I read anything under the sun–from Admirals of the World War II to personal finance books. I’m also a big Sci-Fi and Fantasy reader. I’ve read the poetry of Lourd de Veyra and even the historical stuff of Ambeth Ocampo.

I can go on and on… but you get the drift.

Are you a reader, too?

There’s this great app that allows us to track our own library and the books we read: Goodreads. It has a website and Smartphone app.


Since the middle of 2013, I finally started tracking the books I read. But that’s not the only thing that Goodreads do. Here are four ways to use Goodreads:

1. Check out book reviews.

If you have any doubts before buying a book, you can always check out the reviews at But what if Amazon doesn’t have the book you want? You can then go to Goodreads. I’ve searched the books of Pinoy authors on Goodreads and a lot of them are there! A lot of readers would just rate the books they read with several stars. But there are detailed reviews there, especially for fiction books and business books.

2. Track the books you read on a monthly, and yearly basis.

You can also track ALL the books you read on a monthly basis. Just put a monthly folder so you can add book titles under each month as soon as you finish reading it. For my Goodreads account, I have already read 4 books for 2014. Two of them are business books, one is a Fantasy fiction book, and the other is a motivational book. As a reader, my usual goal is to read at least one book per month. It doesn’t matter what kind of book, as long as I’m expanding my horizon, and reading and learning.

3. Monitor your progress in reading a book.

In addition to tracking the titles you read monthly, you can also indicate how much of a book you’ve already read. Depending on the number of pages of a book you’ve already read, you can indicate the percentage of the book you’ve already consumed.

4. Connect with people who enjoy the same books.

If a book left a great impression on you, it’s so frustrating if you can’t find anyone to talk to, right? I’ve talked to people online and offline about The Lord of the Rings, or the Hunger Games, or even how I hate Twilight (apologies to my wife who loves it. heheh). But seriously, having like-minded people on a social book-sharing site helps you enjoy a book twice, or thrice!

What are you waiting for, go to Goodreads and open an account. While you’re at it, go ahead and add me up.

Featured App: Track the Books You Read with Goodreads

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