United Methodist Churches have different ways of  engaging with young people. One of those ways is to have a youth service that features a contemporary youth service with great music, interesting preaching, and of course, a chance to fellowship with other young people. One of these youth services is Central United Methodist Church’s Upperbox. The other one is Cainta UMC’s GIG, which stands for God-Inspired Generation.

And what’s even more interesting is that Cainta UMC’s GIG just turned 6. I think, there are at least three things that could sustain this kind of ministry:

1. Dedicated young people.

I watched their video documenting its history. And what struck me is how it started out small but with the dedication of the youth who started it. Although it is only done on the last Sunday of each month, this event still requires coordination and preparation. You need the sound system to work well, the sound setup, the Powerpoint and videos, the speaker, and countless other things. Without a dedicated set of staff, it won’t happen at all!

2. An exciting atmosphere.

Music. Some games, and relevant preaching: those are very much needed. Of course! Although, as is the case with most youth services, the tendency for GIG is to sing “imported” songs mainly. During the service last Sunday, August 25, I didn’t hear any Filipino songs in the Praise and Worship line up. But I did challenge the Worship leader to also sing Filipino worship songs or compose their own songs! I sure hope they would heed my simple advice. 🙂

3. Supportive church and mentors.

Lastly, I did notice the supportive Pastors and also the presence of kuyas and ates–elder brothers and sisters who are supporting the young people in what they do. Notably, Bro. Michael (okay, sorry, I didn’t get his surname) stands as the lay worker helping and supporting the young people of the church.

You see, if you want to have a successful youth service, you should have all of these and more.  Do you have a youth service in your church? How is it doing? Can you share tips on how it works?