Interview with Joy Eva Bohol, UMYFP National President

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The following interview is with Joy Eva Bohol, the President of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines. We talked about the ministries of the UMYFP, the challenges she faces as a youth leader, and what she perceives as the top challenges being faced by Filipino youth these days.

4 Comments Interview with Joy Eva Bohol, UMYFP National President

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  2. kenneth base

    hehehe… ngayun ko lng nakita ang ating UMYFP pres.
    while Im listening your background stories, sabi ko sa sarili ko, sana maging nat. offcer rin ako balang araw..
    hahahaha… (# :D)
    ate joy, tanong ko lang.
    gaano kahirap maging National President,
    and what does this experience make possible to you?
    And what was your very best job and what were your worst jobs ever while you are a national president?.

    1. joy eva

      Hello Kenneth!

      Maganda ba ang president? hehe..
      Yes, salamat naman at you want to be a national officer, pag.pray mu yan!
      –gaano kahirap? Mahirap pero masaya. When i was called into this position, I have to respond like Abraham-“Trust God fully wherever He wants me to go.” Tapos, when it’s time for me to speak and to preside, God reminded me Moses and Jeremiah. Then when I am handling difficult decisions and relationships, He reminded me of David and Solomon. When I lost my staff support, and have no source of income while serving and was houseless for 10 days, I knew I was Job, I was down and could hardly stand up again, but God provided me Spiritual friends and I was able to be up again. And when people criticize me because I am “probinsyana” and at times persecute me, I think of Jesus. Being the national president has its advantages and so many challenges, but through it all God is there! Important thing is that you have to make sure you’re called by God.
      –these experiences made me more mature spiritually and I can say, “I can take anything that would come my way, coz I have seen God’s faithfulness in my most challenging times…”
      –my best job as the national president is to visit local churches, districts, and annual level events. kasi i love hearing stories from youth like you and to be encouraged. i also enjoyed meeting different people from bishops to youth.
      –my worst? none. challenges–there are tons! most challenging would be dealing with difficult people because the ministry is about relationship as well…it is a matter of really stretching your patience and love. I would always think that if Jesus were able to forgive those who persecute Him, how much more can I?

  3. kenneth base

    Oo naman xmpre, MAGANDA..
    thank you sa mga sagot te joy.
    hehehehe. by God’s plan maybe someday, wala pa kc akong sapat na kaalaman para maging Nat. Press..
    dba bisaya ka?


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