5 Steps to Prepare for the Job Hunt

In the Philippines and even in other countries, getting a job is always a big challenge. It is easier for some people to land a job while others find it difficult. If you’re freshly out of college, or you’ve just resigned and looking forward to applying for another job, you gotta prepare for the job hunt!

job_huntResearch. Look for the right job for you. Do what you are passionate about! If you apply at a job that you hardly care about, then you will just end up becoming a mediocre performer. Discover your passion, your gifts, your skills and your talents—these could help you land at your dream job!

Mindset. Job hunt is a highly competitive process. Prepare your mind for action! Other people are also out to get the job you are applying for. If you do not outprepare and out-perform them, you lose! So get on the champion mindset and start telling yourself you’re the greatest professional in the world!

Prepare a Kickass Resume. Bargaineering.com has several suggestions on how you can prepare a kickass resume. The key here is to learn how to sell yourself! Don’t just submit a generic resume. Tailor it in such a way that only the relevant information and skills are highlighted for the specific job and company you are applying for.

Your resume is just like your proposal letter to the company. Use it wisely. Use it well. Presentation can do wonders for your resume and your job hunt!

Get up and Packaging: Power dressing. Go to your closet and take a look at your best dress and get up. Make sure you look at your best when you go to the company you are applying a job for. Don’t overdo it though. Ask around regarding the dress code for the company. If you blend well, then you just might have a fighting chance for the job!

Interview. If you have gone past the first hurdle, then you’re up for interview, or probably a series of interviews. Put on your game face. Be confident and anticipate the questions that they will ask you. That will help you think of answers to questions that they will eventually ask.

So go ahead and take the plunge! Find that job that could help you become a productive citizen and a wealthy person!

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