This is a short documentary film on the recently held Christmas Institute 2012 (Soak in Christ) within the area of Northeast Philippines Annual Conference. Herewith, video casts are those who became members of the CI Staff, Core Group, and some are beginning delegates all within the four districts of the said conference. They have given their insights, experiences, and testimonies therein. It also includes the captured scenes through pictures and videos highlighting the run through of the four (4) CI events happened. The film aims to emphasize, highlight, and further share the witnessing of this set of young people to further reach out fellow youth by means of multimedia ministry or through a short video clip.

Kwentong CI: Soaked

One thought on “Kwentong CI: Soaked

  • February 14, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    The leaders of NEPAC have done good job in doing everything to fulfill God’s movement through the theme SOAK in CHRIST. God is moving, UMYFP! God is really moving!


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