This video is about the individual struggles (especially with the travel) the young people who attended the first DEA wide C.I. experienced and their full emersion of Christ in the event and how blessed they were. Hopefully what everyone learned would not be left in Baybay, Leyte but will be brought and applied not just in their local churches, their family, friends but to themselves. To cherish and relive every moment that happened in the C.I., how it means to be soaked in Him, the strange yet glorious feeling of experiencing Him inside out.

Kwentong CI: Waterlogged

One thought on “Kwentong CI: Waterlogged

  • February 14, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    I’ve seen how determined the young people of DEA are in attending this event. Most of them are stranded but still, they’ve gone through challenges of travelling with typhoon. But then, in the end, the young people of DEA stayed strong and blessed after the DEAwide CI’s Soak in Christ! Mabuhay ang mga kabataan ng DEA! Mabuhay ang UMYFP! #siKRISTOhigitsalahat


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