Do you want to grow professionally? Are you investing in yourself so you could become more excellent each day?

I’ve been looking for some resources for professional growth lately. While there may be a lot of foreign books, blogs, and podcasts on professional growth and development, we definitely lack Pinoy professional growth resources online.

That’s why if you want to grow professionally and spiritually, I heartily recommend listening to and reading Protips daily. Here are 3 simple reasons.

1. Protips is short and sweet.

Protips is being aired at 702DZAS every morning. And it’s only 5 minutes. You can either listen to it while combing your hair, putting on your shoes or while traveling (in a bus, in the MRT, or in your car).

If you can’t listen on air, you can always take a quick visit on Facebook, Ms. Maloi M. Salumbides uploads each and every episode on the Protips Facebook Page every morning. Not only that, there is a nice infographic accompanying each episode.

2. Protips is full of practical wisdom.

Whether it’s on the topic of addressing gossip in the office, or dealing with a difficult office mate, or your general work-related frustrations, Protips can help you regain perspective. It’s full of simple tips that you can easily implement.

3. Protips also reminds you of your ultimate boss – God.

Protips reminds us that ultimately, we answer to God for the work that we do. The program integrates sound biblical advice and gives you ways to integrate these advice into your daily work routine.

Protips is being broadcasted over 702DZAS in the AM radio band. It’s also available for download at FEBC Philippines official website. You can also follow Protips on Facebook.

Listen to Protips and Grow as a Young Professional

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