Jeffrey Caoileby Jeffrey Caoile,President, UMYFP Northwest Philippines Annual ConferenceReport to the Annual Conference on April 23-26 2009 at Bugnay United Methodist Church, Bugnay, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.IntroductionChrist above all!On behalf of the NWPAC UMYF’ers I would like to extend my warm greetings to the delegates of the Annua Conference. I am joyful to report to you our ministries.The Leadership TeamNorthwest Philippines Annual Conference UMYF Execom Biennium 2008-2010President: Jeffrey CaoileSecretary: Melwin Leonard SabioFinance: Mark Cezar CabansagYouth Worker: Lovelyn C. BlancoDistrict PresidentsNEPD: Joanna Brenia DaclesSEPD: Jerish AquinoISD: Mona Filipina HermosaIND: Rodel Hipolitolll. Accomplished and future activitiesOrganization (Execom and Council Meetings, Conferences)First AYCM- held at the Immanuel UMC, San Fernando City, La Union on June 6-7, 2008 with 33 delegates attended with two deaconesses and two pastors. Our main agenda was program planning for whole conference year; we have also elected new officer in the said council meeting.Special AYCM- last September 6-7, 2009 at the Baguio City UMC, we discussed about the caravan training, caravan mission and its Itineraries attended by district presidents and annual officers and youth coordinators.Mid- Year Rally 2008- the district presidents reported on the said activity and this was also the training for the Christmas Institute Bible study. This was incorporated to the caravan training held at the Capariaan UMC, Sta Cruz, Ilocos Sur with 14 delegates coming from the 3 districts ISD, IND, NEPD, no representative from SEPD.61st Annual Youth Conference- this was started last April 21, 2009 and we just recently ended this afternoon April 23, 2009 in Tamurong first, UMC, Candon Ilocos Sur, 15 delegates attended (IND-6, ISD-5, NEPD- 4, and SEPD-0). We incorporated the Summer Institute bible study training, with a Biblico-Theological Reflection on the theme “UMYFP: An Empowered Community of Faith Straining Toward a Strong Nation by Pastor Agosto B. Dosdosen. We have also conducted a Seminar on Financial Management with Engr. Allan John Floresca General Manager of Stern Mall Candon City as our speaker. We are very thankful that our Bishop Rudy Juan and his spouse Dr. Juan visited us and give us words of encouragement and prayed for us as youth leaders.Information, Communication and Resource DepartmentTanglaw- is the official newsletter of the NWPAC UMYF with Mr. Cesar T. Reyes Jr. (NEPD- Vice President) as the Editor-in-Chief. We publish two editions of Tanglaw in one (1) conference year. The editorial staff meet August (for October Edition) and March (for May Edition). The main purpose of this Newsletter is to open venues for communication among youth and to disseminate information.We have published copies last December 2008 and were distributed during the C.I of the four districts.Everyone is encouraged to submit any articles (poems, essays, short stories, personal testimonies and written sermons) concerning the Youth. You may email your articles to or .Multiply Account- An Online Information board Updated monthly which contains NWPAC-UMYF updates/announcements and activities.www.nwpacumyf.multiply.comChristian Nurture and Formation DepartmentAwit kay Yahweh Annual Agape Feast 2009 Featuring; M&M for Jesus (Music and Me for Jesus) – The purpose of this activity is to discover, develop and dedicate the youth’s God-given talents in music. This was held last February 27 and 28, 2009 in Baguio City First UMC. Two districts, only ISD and NEPD submitted original compositions for Annual Level of Awit Kay Yahweh (Theme: Awit Kay Yahweh: Sigaw bg Bagong Henerasyon) to the NWPAC Execom for approval and performed these entries during the activity. The entry of Laoac UMYF band (NEPD) was selected to compete for the National Level of Awit Kay Yahweh to be held soon in Davao City during the 31st National Youth Conference.UMYF of IND presented a cultural dance and youths from Baguio City First-UMC performed a Sayawit number.99 delegates attended the said activity and NEPD holds the biggest delegation.Caravan Training – this activity was held at the UMC Caparia-an, Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur on October 19-23 incorporated with the Mid Year Rally with its purpose of training and preparing the youth missionaries for the Caravan Mission. Topics include Family Life Ministry by Engr. Alejandrino Valera, Children’s Ministry by Mrs. Leoby Caliva, Youth Ministry by Dr. Edna B. Gatmen, BTR on the theme by DS Rev. Benito del Amen, Hymnology by Ms. Lovelyn Blanco, Preaching by Rev. Joel Benbeng, UMYFP Constitution and by Laws by Engr. Beltran Aldous Santillan, 4 Bible Studies by Rev. Adolfo Anaen, Rev. David Dominno, Rev. Judy Sanchez and Rev. Marivic Yarcia. And I would like to take this moment to thank once again these very capable speakers.Caravan Mission – Done once every year, usually during Summer Breaks, and this time during the semestral break (October 23-26, 2009), this activity undertakes our Supreme task: “To know Christ and make Him known”. The Caravan activity is a mission program of the NWPAC UMYF which aims to reach out youth and their families to bring them to Christ. The 16 youth caravan missionaries are assigned to the following iteneraries: ISD- Maligcong UMC; IND- Calumsing UMC, Sibsibbu UMC and Camarao UMC; NEPD- Bubon UMC, San Roque, San Manuel. There was no itinerary from SEPD because SEPD did not submit their chosen itinerary and no delegates from the said district have attended the Caravan Training.The caravaners are Rodel Hipolito, Jeriza Fate Loque and Ronnie Balite from IND; Mona Hermosa, Donna Marie Baingan, John Hitler Garnace, Derick Tong-alan, Julius Lania, Engr. Grepas Rael Jaramilla, and Medo Sabio from ISD; Joana Brenia Dacles, Shannah Grace Colorado, Sherelly Ducusin, Elson Carpio, Charlie Acosta, and Jeffrey Caoile from NEPD.Caravan Evaluation – Held at Immanuel UMC, San Fernando City, on October 26 and 27 2008. The Caravaners reported and shared their experiences during the Caravan Mission. And we are very happy that most of the caravaners decided to commit and continue their missions by entering into the ministry, one of them is Brother Rodel Hipolito IND UMYF President.IV Conclusion We have plans but as the Holy Scripture says “God has the final say.” And so, we dedicate and entrust our plans to God asking His blessings upon them.Difficulties were always apparent in the last conference but the Lord has always been there to rectify things more than usually when matters have gone completely haywire. It is for this same reason that our faith deepened beyond measure to complete our terms as selected leaders of the conferenceSeveral people have been instrumental in the fulfillment of our roles as leaders. At this juncture, we are extending our deepest gratitude to those people who supported us in all of our activities. Your prayers, encouragement, cooperation, and generously shared suggestions brought that completion of all the undertakings.Along this line, we also want to express our sincere apologies to those people whom we have argued with and have offended. We are quite aware of our shortcomings and we strongly believe that this is just normal and very essential for us to grow and to do even better in our next tasks.We end this report with our vision that in the years to come, the NWPAC UMYF will continue to uphold our supreme task: To know Christ and make Him known.Thank you! May all who come behind us find us faithful.