My name is Mighty. Nope, that’s not my nickname. It’s not my pseudonym either. It’s the name my father and mother gave me when they brought me into this world. It’s the name printed on my birth certificate.

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Weird. I know.

So weird that my name is attached to dozens of products: Mighty Kid Shoes, Mighty Mouse cartoons, Mighty Cigarette, Mighty Bond, Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Mighty Katol, Mighty whatever. Thankfully, nobody thought of putting my name on feminine napkins.

But one of the upside of having a weird name? It’s a conversation starter. And for an introvert like me, I need something like that.

I probably met only three people with the same name as mine. One of them even had a weird spelling; Mightee. That’s even weirder than my name. My name is often misspelled by Starbucks baristas; Migthy, Maydee, Maytee, My-T. How much more if my parents played with the spelling of my name?

While being interviewed by a US immigration officer at Detroit airport in the US, he said that he expected a man with “Mighty” for a name to be big, strong, and well… Mighty. But I told him that I’m an average Filipino and retorted that perhaps I could just be mighty in other things. We laughed. And while waiting for my baggage at the carousel area, I thought about my name and how I could really live up to it. Another fun fact, back in College, I had a roommate named Marvelous. I didn’t know about sitcoms back then, but you see, it would have been a good show: “Mighty & Marvelous.” That sounds like a Praise and Worship song that somebody would play in church.

But seriously, this is a blog about my interests, the work that I do, some family stuff, about names, and the stories that make up our lives. Or at least the stories that make up my life. My previous blogs were very focused. was for the Filipino young professional–trying to find direction, passion, and that elusive calling. is my “platform” blog, and for a time, I tried to follow the footsteps of Pat Flynn (, Michael Hyatt (, and all those top bloggers who are making it big in the Interwebs.

You could say that this is my rants and reflections blog–I’m not doing it for money, and definitely not for fame. This is me talking to myself, trying to ask the questions I am sometimes too timid and afraid to ask myself. I may not even be looking for the answer. I’m comfortable with hanging questions. unanswered. This is me trying to become vulnerable, not providing advice, or that step-by-step guide to overcome whatever struggle you may have. (Although, I might do that from time to time if I feel like it. It is my blog anyway.) This is me trying to tell the stories that capture my attention. This is me, trying to slow down amid this fast-moving, always on, present-focused, world that we have.

This is also me trying to learn new things, unlearn bad habits, and relearn what truly matters in my life.

On Names and Stories that Make Up Life