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Mighty Rasing Posts

Being on the Road, Fatherhood, and Setting Priorities

Being on the Road, Fatherhood, and Setting Priorities on the road again. Last week, I was at the YMCA Retreat Center at Estes Park, Colorado, USA for the annual meeting of the Division on Ministries with Young People, the organization I work with.

I had a chance to see the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado and even posed for a picture at the Continental Divide of Northern America. Saw some deer, elk, prairie dogs, and wild hare. Too bad, I didn’t see the bear that shook the trash can on our first night there.


Build Your Blog Series: Buy a Domain Name

Although I posted last week about the free Blog option, if you’re really serious in building your brand online and getting your message out there, the best option is to invest some money and build your blog. This is going to be a mini-series, which will guide you to the process.

Good for you, I’m looking to register a new domain name for my upcoming book: Start UP Your Career: Find Your Place. Engage the World. Sustain Your Life. Since I’m developing a website for this book, I’ll be using this as a way to share with you how to develop your own blog.

How do you get started?

Step 1: Decide on at least three domain names.

What’s a domain name you say? It’s going to be the URL that people will type on their browsers to go to your site. For this blog, the domain name is A good domain name should (be):

Easy to remember. It should not too be long or too short. It should also be catchy so that people can easily retrieve it from their memory.

Represents your brand. It should be something that people will remember you by. Your business name could be your domain.

Keyword-rich. What do we mean by keyword-rich? The main keywords that you’ll write about should be in your domain. In my case, I’ll try to get the words Startup and career in the domain name of the blog I’m about to set up.

Why come up with three possible domain names?

Authenticity, Blogging, Social Media & (Christian) Living

A lot of people often post their rants, complaints, and beef against someone, or against the world in general, on their Social Media profiles. For all the world to see. Some of them could easily earn the Drama King or Queen Award on Facebook.

Some of my friends are also fond of ‘Instagramming’, posting photos of their food, whether savory or not; of the heavy traffic, some random cuteness, selfies, pics of their babies or whole families. I know of a friend whose Facebook timeline mainly contains pics of her growing baby.

One particular friend also loves to check into all the places he goes to–the office, Starbucks, a store in the mall, and his apartment, which he refers to as his Castle on Foursquare.


In this hyperconnected, always on world, we have become the star of our own Reality TV Show, except that we’re not on TV, but on the Social Networks we inhabit. Oh wait, yeah, there’s YouTube and the scores of silly videos we upload, right?

(By the way, studies in the US found out that Social Media can make us envious of our friends and less satisfied with our own lives.)

At some point, I was also caught up in the craziness of Facebook. I posted about the Pinakbet I’m eating, the places I’m going to, plus the occasional complaints about utilities and other services. But when the novelty wore off, I found myself reverting back to normal and hesitation to post about my personal life set in.

Fish on the Other Side of the Boat: Message at Las Pinas UMC

Text: John 21:1-19


Have you ever been to a Worship service that’s not United Methodist? Ecumenical? How about one of those CF’s: VCF, CCF, GCF?

Try attending one worship service at CCF in Ortigas or pretty much any VCF in Metro Manila, and I bet that you could see 3 or 5 Methodist young people in attendance.

Or, probably, try watching the Social Media accounts of our young people, and you’ll see them Checking In and talking about the worship services at any of these “new” and very dynamic churches.

I grew up a United Methodist. I was probably singing in the choir already when I was still in my Mother’s Womb. Attended Sunday School, and ditched several episodes of Voltes V. I attended School for Christian Youth Development for three years, and since 1993, I’ve been a regular delegate of Christmas Institutes, except for about 3 years of College, where I grew my hair long, listened to screaming metal music, and tried to make sense of my faith, my life.

Right off the bat I could say that the United Methodist Church has a solid Children’s ministry and an awesome youth ministry which produces leaders in the church and in the society. But after that period of involvement with the UM Youth Fellowship, something happens.

Either there’s a hunger among young professionals/young adults we can’t address or their commitment to church gets buried in an avalanche of new experiences, new experiences, and ‘new’ expressions of faith.

And yes, I confess, I attend Bread of Life Crossroads 77 occasionally, when I feel like it.

What do they have that we don’t? Why are they able to attract more people while we seem to be floundering, declining, even?

Or maybe, those are not the right questions to ask at all?

Box Full of Crayons

It’s been a while since I’ve written an English poem. These days, I almost always write poems in my native tongue, Ilocano. Since I’ll be a certified daddy real soon. (You see, my wife is scheduled to deliver our baby in a month’s time!)

So, I found the following poem from my first ever poetry blog. It’s about a baby boy holding crayons that brings colors to the world, my world!

Box Full of Crayons

Three Things to Watch Out and Blog About – Youth, ICT and Technology

After my blog post on Disruption, I suddenly realized the importance of momentum. When you get disrupted, whatever momentum you accumulated evaporate into thin air! That’s probably why Multitasking doesn’t work either. You keep getting disrupted, you can’t get sufficient force to defy gravity!

Before I went to the US for our annual meeting on Sep 20-27, I was already doing a once-a-day posting in this blog. My Twitter and Facebook accounts were very active. I even signed up with Hootsuite to help me manage my Social Media campaigns.

Well, disruption happened.

Fast forward to today. I think I just got my blogging mojo back. And I’m back with a vengeance!

young world rising

The Power of Disruption

I was in Nashville, TN, USA from September 20-26 for the meeting of our office, Young People’s Ministries. It was an awesome experience and helped me feel more connected with my colleagues and it put some better context to my work in the Philippines.

It was also energizing to be with young people from the United States and all over the world. Although, some of our African friends only joined us via Skype.

Yet, even if I had a great experience over all. When I got back to the Philippines on the evening of Sep 27th, I only had the 28th to rest. I had two speaking engagements on the 29th, which I’ve written about here. It was a crazy Saturday for me.

And then came Sunday and Monday.

I. couldn’t. get. back. to. work.

And I wondered what was going on.