Creative Energy

Posted by November 20, 2016

“Creative energy is energy. When we are writing about creating instead if actually creating, we are wasting our creative energy. When we are vacillating, we are letting air out of our tires. Our pickup is not speeding down the road and may never even get out of the driveway. Or project goes flat.” – Julia Cameron, Walking in this World

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How I Got Started in Writing

Posted by September 28, 2016

Like most diligent High School students, I was part of our school paper. I was even the Editor-in-Chief right before I graduated. I even dabbled in some, rather cheesy, poetry… you know, the kind that you write for a girl you like. Thankfully, there’s evidence that such cheesy poems existed ever.

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Along EDSA— My journey’s interrupted By every sudden brake. Stopping On every street, every traffic light. My life (here atop the Santolan flyover) is going down Into the waiting mouth of Cubao. I’m so hungry. But inside this bus, like rag on a clothes line Along EDSA where the plants and trees have died, It’s hot. And humid. My insides are on fire. Sweat pours…

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Whether you find yourself inside a mall somewhere in Monumento, malapit sa bantayog ni Andres Bonifacio, or sa dulo ng EDSA Extension, at the end of the day, you’ll need to go home. But after going to a mall to buy something o tumambay lang, did you have that feeling that you wasted a few hours of your life? And that those hours should have been spent doing something better?

At some point in your journey, mapapaisip ka if you’re in the right road, or kung tama ba yung destination na pinili mo. Being in the crossroads could catch up with you in different stages of life. Minsan tinatawag itong “quarterlife crisis” para sa mga young adults in their twenties.

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It’s interesting to see how Social Media and web browsing trends change over the years. The turnover is just too fast!

Pew Research Center recently release their Social Media and Workplace Report and they’ve put out several interesting data in relation to the way that most Americans use Social Media.

Please take note that these data is mainly applicable to the United States. We, in the developing world, can also learn from it, but we’ll need to take into account our own context.

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In the 21st century, people are dispersed and the ease of moving from one country to another is facilitating global migration. Different peoples are working, and living as exiles and migrants in different countries.

Here’s a reflection on being away from home and being with Jesus, the “Emmanuel: God with us.”

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Panaglibas a Mapan Mars

Posted by June 22, 2016

Here’s an Ilokano poem about escaping to Mars. I wanted to experiment on the themes of space exploration, of Noah’s ark, and the denuding of Philippine forests, with some of my favorite metal bands in the background.

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