How Parents are Monitoring Teens’ Internet Usage

Every morning at work, I try to monitor my Twitter list of people and organizations working with young people. Through this, I have come across interesting research, trends, and articles on youth ministry and youth development work around the world.

The PEW Research Center came up with a new report on how parents are monitoring how teenagers use the Internet in the United States. Here are a few of their findings:

“A Pew Research Center survey of parents of 13- to 17-year-olds finds that today’s parents take a wide range of actions to monitor their teen’s online lives and to encourage their child to use technology in an appropriate and responsible manner.

Moreover, digital technology has become so central to teens’ lives that a significant share of parents now employ a new tool to enforce family rules: “digitally grounding” misbehaving kids. Some 65% of parents have taken their teen’s cellphone or internet privileges away as a punishment.

But restrictions to screen time are not always consequences of bad behavior, parents often have rules in place about how often and when their teen can go online. Some 55% of parents say they limit the amount of time or times of day their teen can be online.”

The report also includes an Infographic of some statistics:


To read the full report, please visit


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